Ghost leaves one feeling empty

I won't deny, I was excited about going to see Ghost In The Shell - and not just because it ...
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Passenger (2016)

If you have watched Passengers. Did you realise it was just two classics blended together? ...
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Power Rangers

Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review

There will be moments in Power Rangers where you might roll your eyes. These moments usually are a result of headscratching ...
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Film Review : Passengers (2016)

Genre : SF Country : USA Cast : Chris Pratt : Jim Preston Jennifer Lawrence : Aurora Lane Michael Sheen ...
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In Circles – Indie Film Review

Synopsis: The clandestine world of crop circles is threatened when an ambitious TV journalist plans to expose the truth drawing ...
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Kong: Skull Island movie review

Kong proves to be a monster mistake

Whatever your preferred genre of movie, there's one thing we all have in common when plonking buttocks in that cinema ...
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Ghost In The Shell Trailer 2

Ghost in the Shell – SPOILER-FREE Review

Directed by: Rupert Sanders Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbaek, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, Michael Pitt Runtime: 106 min Ghost in ...
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Kong: Skull Island movie review

6 points about Kong: Skull Island

6 Points About Kong: Skull Island Who wouldn’t be excited for this one? I know I am a bit late to ...
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Life | Movie Review [LetsCrashThisParade Video]

Here is my review of Life... The movie. Not just like... general life... Give it a watch! ...
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Ghost in the Shell Superbowl Trailer

Ghost in the Shell (2017) review

Ghost in the Shell is easily going to be one of the most visually striking movies I'll see all year ...
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Man vs Monster

Kong: Skull Island: Average Guy Movie Review

In recent years, famous Hollywood apes have been making a return to the silver screen. The Planet of The Apes ...
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Film Review : Bokeh (2017)

Genre : SF/Drama Country : Iceland Cast : Maika Monroe : Jenai Matt O’Leary :  Riley Director : Geoffrey Orthwein,Andrew Sullivan ...
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Life movie review

Life: We Were Better Off At Home

Other reviews pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to Life. It feels a lot like ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Sexy Matt takes a look at the first live action american remake of a Japanese anime, Ghost In The Shell ...
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Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is a remake of the 1995 anime film of the same name, but it switches up a ...
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