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Sausage Party Review

Sausage Party movie review

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So here we are, an R-rated animated comedy about food coming to life and enjoying sexual escapades, avoiding being eaten, and being as foul-mouthed as possible.  Have we reached the end of cinema?  I don’t think so.  In fact, despite many people telling me they were unimpressed with the film, I quite enjoyed Sausage Party.  From the large ensemble voice talents to how great the animation looked to the surprisingly compelling story, there actually wasn’t too much to complain about in the film.

So I think everybody who saw the trailer knows the story: a pack of hot dogs and many, many other foods who enjoy life in their supermarket are looking forward to nothing more than “Red White and Blue Day”, where they will be with the gods in eternity.  As the pack is purchased, the two main characters, Frank, the hot dog, and Brenda, the bun that fits his size, oh God here we go, get separated and learn the awful truth about what happens outside the supermarket.  Then they plan to revolt against the humans to life their lives in peace and sex.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Sure, there are those out there who just won’t enjoy this movie, like my mom, who was intrigued in the beginning by the concept, which is truly one that’s worth making a movie or animated short about, but when you throw in the crew that gave us This is the End (2013), which is hilarious, you can’t just expect a violent animated food movie, you have to expect a sexually packed, violent animated food movie that’s deplorable to some and a genius idea to others.  I guess I fall into the latter category.

Once again I must emphasize just how widely spread, Jesus I’m not doing this on purpose, the cast it.  We have Seth Rogen, Kristin Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Nick Kroll, Edward Norton, Paul Rudd, Salma Hayek, and David Krumholtz.  Jeez, it’s a wonderful ensemble and the food that each cast member is set to play is almost perfectly cast, and believe you me, it’s great fun to try and figure out who’s playing who while watching the movie and not looking ahead of time to see what IMDB says.  Now from here you are fully welcome to completely disagree with me, but I found a lot of the food humor and one-liners genius and this generation’s R-rated Toy Story (1995).  Yeah, I’ll go that far.  You know how funny that first Toy Story was with it’s toy-related humor and one-liners?  Sausage Party delivers in the food department, and yeah, the sex-related humor as well.  Yeah, my juvenile side was very much entertained by all the sexual gags and endless innuendo, but the very funny and usually not quite as R-rated one liners appealed to my non-juvenile side as well.  Also appealing to me was the religious allusion the film makes, in this case the argument of Christianity being the idea that the foods are free to do as they please with the gods after they are purchased, and Atheism being represented by the idea, and of course truth, that the foods are consumed by the gods and that’s all, and which side each food is on.

So for a couple of criticisms, for one some of the sexual gags were a little overblown.  It’s kind of a case-by-case deal, where you’d have to hear each joke and sit through the film.  Also there’s an extended sequence of, ahem, “celebration” at the end, those who have seen the film know what I mean, that was also overlong.  Sure, it was unexpected and very funny at first, but I was ready for it to end after a minute and a half, and it’s probably close to a three minute scene.  Otherwise there were some supposed to be very funny scenes with the villain character that fell flat for me, but really these are about the worst criticisms I have for the film.  I hope that it is clear to you at this point, but this film isn’t for everyone, especially children.  Of course some elders and the easy-offended won’t enjoy the humor, but everyone else, especially those who enjoyed This is the End and the like will have a ball with this one.  And yes, that does include me.

Movie Rating:

My rating: 8/10.

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