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Sandra Bullock Movie – The Heat

Movie Rating:

What does Paulie Popcorn think of this movie? Check it out the video!

The BUZZ: The stars the pairing of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Sandra Bullock is the straight talking FBI agent assigned to a drug case, and has to work with the rough-around-the edges Melissa McCarthy. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a female buddy cop movie. Melissa McCarthy is given the green light to unleash her lewd dialog.

The VISUALS: Not much screen candy here. Just your typical comical gags involving an albino DEA agent, drunken hi-jinks in a bar, and scene where they are both tied up.

ENGAGEMENT: A little slow to get to the ending. They seemed to throw in some random scenes that didn’t have to do with the story. But this mostly the Melissa McCarthy show, and Sandra Bullock takes a back seat. Some of McCarthy’s jokes are spot on and others fell a little flat. This is the Bridesmaids of male buddy cop films. Some funny scenes and lines though.

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