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The Red Velvet received it’s sixteenth Official Selection at the Russian Horror Movie Awards

Red Velvet short film review

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Eric and Rebecca have almost recovered from an ambiguous addiction. They invite their neighbors to a dinner party. However, one nice dinner with friends could ruin their new life and reveal a very dark past.

The action takes place at the house of married couple, Eric (Klemen Novak) and Rebecca (Laura Downes). Everything seems to be astoundingly normal until the audience starts paying attention to the millieu: the music, the colors, the sounds. The details play an important role in creating the feeling that there is something wrong about these characters. The appearance of their dinner guests, Jenny (Elena Kornilova) and Matt (Colin Malloy), marks the second part of the film when the artistic conflict arises.

Red Velvet short movie review

The cast showed us the best and the worst in their characters. In my opinion, the actors did a great job giving their characters life and comedic dynamics within a thriller scenario.Red Velvet Poster

For me this film, telling its story with passion and deep mystery, was a breath of fresh air.

Red Velvet brought director Valerio Mazzarella his Best Director Award at The Independent Horror Movie Awards. Producers Konstantin Frolov and Keline Kanoui had already worked on numerous projects before Red Velvet, and after co-producing the film they have continued working together on other successful films that are also being received warmly by festivals. Director of Photography Yan Rymsha is an award winning cinematographer.

It’s no surprise that Red Velvet received Awards and Official Selections of many important film festivals in the U.S. and abroad. A team of talented filmmakers, with many successful projects behind them, were involved in creating this high quality comedy horror.

Horror lovers will definitely enjoy the film, while those who want to see the comedy will most likely find it just a bit too hostile…

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