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ParaNorman movie review

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I watched to great films recently, the one I’m currently reviewing, and Edge of Tomorrow. I wanted to review Edge of Tomorrow more because it’s a really awesome movie that really didn’t make very much money. It happened to have opened on the same weekend as ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ so of course everyone saw that instead which is stupid.

Edge of Tomorrow is a much better movie, (pause for breath) but I think you should just check the movie out for yourself. In my opinion you should at least give this movie a chance on blind faith. I dunno, see what happens.

Anyway, back to the movie I’m actually reviewing, ParaNorman. Good news, it’s also really good!

One of the things that I picked up very quickly was that this is a pretty shockingly-adult kids movie. There’s still stuff directly aimed at kids like the occasional fart joke, but it not only manages to sneak in some hilarious adult jokes (heck, we even get someone who comes out as gay, how often do you see that in a PG movie?), but some pretty adult messages as well.

In my opinion, this is one of the best looks at bullying ever to be put to film. You know it can’t go all the way with ALL the issues that come with bullying and what not (it is still a PG rating after all), but dang it, it really gets close.

The third act of this movie takes something that seems like it could have been a real drag if it had been any other movie, and manages to be one of the most emotional and interesting endings I’ve seen of an animated film since The Lego Movie.

The stop motion animation is great. There are times when it doesn’t seem like there’s quite enough energy in it, but keep in mind that little too no CGI is used in these kinds of movies. The movie is enveloped in an overwhelming sense of how disgusting this whole world they’ve created is, but often it’s not from the monsters of disgusting things the characters encounter, but just from the people who inhabit the town.

Yes, I only have one problem with this movie and that is, a part from our protagonist Norman, almost every-single character in this movie is unlikable. Not COMPLETELY unlikable understand, but just enough that I was actually able to feel sorry for the zombies themselves who enter the movie at the beginning of the second act. It does tie into the theme of the movie quite nicely, I’d just appreciate if it wasn’t about as subtle as a jack-hammer headed straight for your face.

ParaNorman isn’t the most original movie I’ve seen (it’s about a kid who can see dead people, I wonder where we’ve seen that before) and it’s not even the best at conveying its message, but it’s still a really dang good stop-motion animation movie and one that you should check out. And hey, if you kinda just wanna scare the crap out of your kids, you could do a lot worse then this movie. Oh and Happy Halloween!

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The Media Fire gives this movie 8.7/10

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