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The Problem With Comedies (Video Essay)

What makes a good comedy movie? Hard to say, I’m not a filmmaker, I sure as hell have a lot to say about bad ones though!

This is more of a video essay type of thing rather than a normal review like I normally do, so let me know what you think of this format and I may do some more stuff more like this in the future. This however took me FOREVER, but ultimately I am pretty damn happy with it. Though knowing my luck it’ll get taken down for some bullshit copyright thing, and even if it doesn’t I’ll probly get like 15 views. Either way, if you’re on of those 15 thankyou for watching and I hope that you enjoy it!!

Also, a very very special thankyou to my beautiful fiancee who bought me the microphone that I used in this video, the sound comes out much clearer and all that dead noise that used to be in my videos is now gone! YAY

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Jack Fitzpatrick
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