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Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review

Power Rangers

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There will be moments in Power Rangers where you might roll your eyes. These moments usually are a result of headscratching occurrences that are only there for the sake of advancing the plot. On the flipside, this is also a part of what makes the film successful as it never manages to take itself too seriously (like a failed Transformers or Batman Vs. Superman). It succeeds in standing on its own while paying the proper homage to the tv show.

For its minor flaws, the film overall is both entertaining and fun. For those of you that never watched the tv show (shame on you!), it’s about five kids that find special stones that were buried after an alien war ages ago. They soon learn that they must become the Power Rangers to stop an evil force that wants to destroy the world.

Sure, the concept is the same but the film takes things a step further by putting a strong emphasis on character development. Each one of the characters’ situations is directly relatable to what’s going on in today’s society. A misunderstood bully. A screw-up jock who can’t seem to stay out of his own way. A kid that has to become an adult before he’s ready because he’s taken on the role of man of the house. Those are just three of the five stories. I don’t want to ruin the others for you. Side note: Not only do I not have a problem with the character choice for Billy, I thought it was a good touch.

Power Rangers does suffer from some cheesy moments that interrupt the flow of the film at times. Think of it as a cold, however, not a flu. I was also hoping for a bit more action, but again, I think the goal of this film was to make the audience actually care about the characters, something a lot of other action movies is severely lacking.

I can’t wait to see what happens if they do a sequel. The budget should be bigger (which hopefully means better CGI) and they’ve already indicated some characters we can expect to see (stay for the post credits scene). With a funny yet serious tone to it, Power Rangers is a solid watch, worth your theater dollars. I give it an 85.

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