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I’m Zachary Doiron and currently a psychology and religious studies student at Mount Allison University. I am a blogger and writer with a real obsession to movies.

When I was a kid, movies were actually far from my main hobby. I preferred TV shows and cartoon. I found movies to be boring and too long at the time. I also found it weird that people would watch the same movie over and over again when they already knew what was going to happen. Now, that is pretty much what I do. However, I still cannot watch a movie multiple times alone, I mean that’s what friends are for, right?

From an early age, I was drawn to horror and thrillers. They still are my favourite genre of film but my standard has since increased. I do still love other genres with romance and comedy being my least favored. This love of movies has augmented every year and while I do not see myself in the filming business, I do admire them as the artists they are. I have a very strong admiration for everyone in the arts from fine arts to liberal arts.



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‘Split’ Review: James McAvoy Stars In A Revitalized M. Night Shyamalan Film

Split marks a welcome return for M. Night Shaymalan In this day in age, the thought of an M. Night ...
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Captain America: Civil War movie review

Plan Z’s Top 10 Best Movies of 2016

Let’s revisit the movies that changed my 2016 experience We’re finally here, the end of a great year of movies ...
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie review

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Review: A Gritty Star Wars Spinoff Unable To Pack The Emotional Punch

Rogue One is enjoyable despite the lack of character development Prequels are still a bad name around the Star Wars ...
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‘Moonlight’ Review: Berry Jenkins Creates A Powerful Story Of Poverty, Sexuality and Drug Abuse

A talented cast and unique cinematography create an ambitious impressionistic coming of age story Moving between rap songs and a ...
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It's Only The End of The World

‘It’s Only The End Of The World’ Review: Xavier Dolan Seriously Misfires With His Latest Drama

Canada’s bad boy Xavier Dolan waste a perfectly good cast in his new dysfunctional family drama It is hard to ...
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‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is a powerful Christian war story – REVIEW

Mel Gibson makes a comeback, and it may be his best-directed movie to date Violent wars have been an intrigue ...
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Trolls movie review

“Trolls” is a trippier, brighter and glitter-filled version of “The Smurfs” – REVIEW

Dreamworks cooks up sugar, spice, and everything nice to accidently create a rip-off version of The Smurfs Do you want ...
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‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ is exactly the prequel needed to save this franchise – REVIEW

Mike Flanagan masters a difficult task, transforming Ouija into a franchise After the atrocity that was Ouija, the thought the ...
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‘The Girl On The Train’ is a pretentious, melodramatic mystery that misses the terminal – REVIEW

Tate Taylor tries so hard to be the next Gone Girl that he forgets to direct a compelling mystery Paula ...
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‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ can’t be saved by Tim Burton’s magic – REVIEW

Tim Burton’s signature style isn’t enough to save the Peculiar Children from their ultimate destiny Ramson Riggs’ favorite novels have ...
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The Magnificent Seven movie review

‘The Magnificent Seven’ revives the western genre to a whole new generation – REVIEW

Antoine Fuqua delivers a new modern feel to an old and dying genre Fuqua’s latest movie, streak has been terribly ...
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‘Blair Witch’ is an obnoxious sequel that is forgiven thanks to the terrifying ending – REVIEW

Blair Witch looks to make you forget about The Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, if you haven’t already When ...
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Sully movie review

‘Sully’ is a real look into the lives of the people affected by the ‘Miracle on Hudson River’ – REVIEW

Clint Eastwood follows his Oscar Nominated movie, American Sniper, with a retelling of the real life plane crash The feeling ...
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‘The Light Between Oceans’ is one well acted drawn-out episode of ‘Days of Our Lives’ – REVIEW

Derek Cianfrance misses the boat going for more melodrama than actual drama leaving the audience looking at their watches Oscar ...
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Potential exist in ‘Morgan’ but it’s never capitalized – REVIEW

Kate Mara and Anya Taylor-Joy can’t save the film from its inability to explore a rather interesting premise Artificial intelligence ...
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