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My name is Chancey Plagman. I am a gigantic movie nerd who spends his free time memorizing Oscar winners and nominees and seeing as many good movies as I can. I have always wanted to write about films, review films, and speculate on films, and hope that this site helps me get a couple of people who can agree or disagree with me. I am currently a full time student studying film at the University of Iowa, and am very excited to be able to discuss film whenever or wherever I can.

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Weekend Box Office Predictions: Jigsaw Brings the Fall Movie Season to a Close

That was fast.  We're up to our last weekend of the fall movie season.  Short-lived, but certainly not without its ...
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madea 2

Weekend Box Office Predictions: A Crowded Weekend Led by Madea

Okay, it's now the second to last weekend of the fall movie season.  Where did it go?  Time's been flying ...
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happy death day

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Friday the 13th will Benefit Happy Death Day

It's near the middle of the month, and on a much celebrated day, Friday the 13th, we have a new ...
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Stronger Review

Jake Gyllenhaal has done it again!  The actor has received many fine notes of support for his work over the ...
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blade runner 2

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Blade Runner 2049 gets October Started

We've reached the halfway mark of the fall movie season, and with October starting, usually this first weekend of the ...
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american made

American Made Review

Tom Cruise stumbled earlier this year with the would-be horror/action/comedy remake of The Mummy (2017), but now he's back in form ...
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

For me, Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) was a fun ride that was kind of the Men in Black (1997) of the spy genre ...
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kingsman 2

Weekend Box Office Predictions: American Made and Flatliners Fight for Scraps

Another week, another box office prediction for the upcoming weekend.  Now we have American Made and the remake of Flatliners being thrown into the ...
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mother! Review

Darren Aronofsky has made perhaps the most divisive film in recent memory with mother!, a film whose true genre is kind ...
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kingsman 2

Weekend Box Office: LEGO Ninjago and Kingsman Go Head to Head

As we head into the second-to-last weekend of September, we have our first real showdown of the Fall movie season: The ...
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Weekend Box Office Predictions: There’s No Stopping It

We enter the third weekend of the fall movie season, and while week one was a disaster, week two was ...
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It Review

It's the big one, folks, one of the most anticipated films of the fall has arrived, and it's also one ...
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Weekend Box Office Predictions: It will Scare Up a New September Record

The time has finally come.  After no new releases last weekend, the box office is sure to have a hell ...
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ingrid goes west

Ingrid goes West Review

This is a strange one for me.  You know, with a few exceptions, I'm able to relate to most main ...
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logan lucky

Logan Lucky Review

Soderbergh is back, baby, and he's got a new heist film to help bring out the red carpet on his ...
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