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Pixar’s back

Inside Out movie review

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You know for a while there it looked like Pixar was going down the tubes. Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters University, while by no means terrible films, were all disappointments on some level, and far below the usual expectations we reserve for Pixar movies. And now with the amount of sequels Pixar’s confirmed are in development (I’m still pretty burned about Toy Story 4) it started to feel like Pixar had forgotten how to be special. Well here comes Inside Out to remind us just how good Pixar can still be.

It’s by far one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, and I truly believe that this is an important movie to see, especially if you have little ones. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that’s ever gotten as close to accurately portraying how people in general think, which is obviously impossible, but this one gets pretty darn close in some places. The sheer amount of creativity and symbolism portrayed in this movie is friggen inspiring. It’s such a relief to see that movies marketed towards kids can still be this smart. Trust me, you don’t want me to spoil most of this movie because it truly will surprise you with how smart and emotional this movie can be. (speaking of which, yea you might wanna bring tissues to this one if you’re easily moved. It’s not Toy Story 3 or Up levels of sad, but it’s fairly close) The voice cast is great. I thought Phyllis Smith was going to start getting annoying at some point as Sadness, but it’s a testament to her acting ability that she quickly makes the role her own and makes it work really well.

Consider Inside Out to be a return to form from Pixar, and an absolute must see for everyone remotely interested. Like all the best Pixar films, it’s not a film for kids, it’s not a film for adults, it’s a film for everyone.

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The Media Fire gives this movie 9/10.

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