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Paulie Popcorn Goes Boogie Woogie with American Hustle

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Paulie Popcorn reviews American Hustle!

American Hustle stars Christian Bale (Irving Rosenfeld), Bradley Cooper (Richie DiMaso), Amy Adams (Sydney Prosser), and Jennifer Lawrence (Rosalyn Rosenfeld). Some other actors include Jeremy Renner (Carmine Polito) and some comedic acting from Louis C.K. (Stoddard Thorsen).

American Hustle is set in the swanky 70′s during the time of the infamous Abscam scandals. Mainly the FBI bringing down corrupt senators and other politicians. Irving and Sydney are two scam artists that fall in love with each other. Soon their impeccable scamming skills are recruited by the FBI lead by Richie. As Richie uses the Irving and Sydney to lure out the most corrupted, his rabbit hole gets darker and more twisted. Not to mention Irving’s wife Roslyn could ruin the whole investigation due to her unpredictable nature.

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Paulie Popcorn
I'm Paulie Popcorn, the host of Filmigos over on YouTube. My little 4-legged sidekick is Carmella DiCorno. We pretty much try to distill movie reviews of new movie releases down to the most simplest of terms: theater, rent or avoid.