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My name is Patrick and I have always been a huge fan of movies. Inspired by my parents and friends alike, I have taken up the hobby of reviewing movies, sharing my thoughts on it. Later, I began reviewing TV shows, as I also had thoughts about those as well. I am quite passionate about writing and journalism as well.



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Arrow Season Four

Arrow is Back

In fact, it's better than ever. Let's take a history lesson. In a previous review, I noted the four stages ...
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The Expendables 3 movie review

The Pointlessness of Stock Action Films

The Expendables. The Fast and Furious Franchise. Chances are, you've probably seen the garbage that seems to be produced regularly ...
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CW’s Arrow Summed Up In Four Phases

By this point, it is rather common knowledge that the DCEU is in a bit of a pickle, but its ...
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Justice League

What’s in Store for the DCEU?

After the incredible success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all in the span of 8-9 years, no less, DC clearly ...
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