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One of the most unintentionally hilarious movie’s I’ve ever seen

Heidi movie review

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If you’re wondering why the heck I’m reviewing this movie, to be honest I’m quite surprised I’m reviewing this movie too! I watched this movie in my German class, and I just gotta say, this movie’s one of the most unintentionally hilarious, stupid, amazing spectacles of TV movies I’ve ever seen.

This is one of many movies based off of a book of the same name that came out in 1880. The story follows a little orphan girl named Heidi as she’s promptly dropped of at her Grandfathers house in a remote village in the Alp’s. However she doesn’t stay long as she’s hired to become a helper to a girl confined to a wheelchair in Frankfurt. But all she wants to do is head home to her (insane, senile, no one in there right mind would drop a kid off in this mans care except for the irresponsible cousin who did it in the first place) Grandfather and her (equally sanity questioning) friends.

Let me be the first to say that THIS MOVIE IS WONDERFULLY STUPID! Possibly in the hands of some capable director with a good budget, this hilariously outdated story might have been able to be something quite touching. But as this is a TV movie it’s gloriously dumb.

There are so many questions I have with this movie. Why the heck are there awkward face close-ups every time some emotional moment tries to crop up in this movie? Why would anyone leave an 8 or 9 year old kid in the care of a Grandfather this bat-crapping insane? Why do there seem to be goats everywhere on this mountain? Why is the acting worse then a Kindergarten play? Why is the writing this odd? Why can no characters seem to develop ever in this movie? I mean I know they’re supposed to, but I’m to busy not caring and laughing my butt off at the bad writing and acting. Why is this movie so entertaining for all the wrong reasons?

Our lead Heidi can’t seem to do anything but not act and give her ADORABLE (sarcasm) smile that probably got her this job in the first place. The girl who Heidi’s supposed to be taking care of, since she’s been confined to a wheelchair, also can’t seem to do anything but smile awkwardly and not act. All anyone can do in this movie is make awkward facial expressions and not act.

The story has aged so badly to the point where the only way it could be taken seriously is if the movie actually had good acting. And over all it just feels like it’s aged really, really badly. I will give the movie props that it was actually shot on a mountain in the Alps. And the movie does look nice. Other then that, everything else just feels hilariously awkward and bad.

I’ll admit, maybe I’m just being immature about this movie. Maybe if I was able to really suspend my disbelief and put aside my critiquing, this movie wouldn’t be as stupidly hilarious. But still, if you want to laugh you’re head off at some really poor 90’s TV movie crap, get you’re friends and watch this movie.

The Media Fire gives this movie a 5/10

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