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Non-Stop and Ecigarettes

E-Cigarettes at the cinema

Well folks, it has finally happened. Ecigarettes have entered the movie theaters. The wife and I sat down to see the new movie release of NON-STOP starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, and we saw the smoke. And where there is smoke, there is… someone trying to quit smoking.

You could imagine the initial shock on our faces. Who has seen smoke billowing up from a movie theater seat? Your mind goes into a swift panic for a couple of seconds until you see that little blue glow. Only a part of you calms down.

I sort of wished I was enough of a badass as Liam Neeson’s character in NON-STOP. I would have reached over, said something total badass like: “I got something that will make you quit!” Then throw them into the aisle. But this is reality, so I quickly called the manager.

Don’t get me wrong, I give mad props to someone who is trying to quit the habit. I know it’s not easy to put aside. Seriously, don’t do it on my time or in our movie theaters! Just because it contains a low amount of nicotine doesn’t mean you can just “light one” up. Are you trying to be cool or just trying to impress us.

Either way, according to the manager, they are not allowed to pursue their quitting program in the theater. He politely asked the person to put it away.

If I see someone bust out a hookah, I’m done.

The new movie release of NON-STOP came out over the weekend.

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