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A Night of Gordon, Gaming and Gremlins!

Violet Cause - A Night of Gremlins

There’s something special about a mild autumn evening in central London. Particularly when you know you’ll be spending a great deal of it watching a beloved movie from your childhood on the big screen for the first time.

Warner Bros UK, Theobolds Road. A launch event for the HMV Exclusive Premium Collection; with a screening of Gremlins 2 as its centrepiece. It’s hit Blu-Ray for the first time in this country; and is sharing a catalogue with other great films including All The Presidents Men, Little Shop of Horrors, The Shining and many more besides. The collection also includes another cherished film from my younger years: Gordon Douglas’s Them! The Citizen Kane of “big bug” features.

Several PS4s were also provided to help educate guests about Lego Dimensions Year 2. I’ll admit to being ignorant in this area – my own gaming tastes are pretty specific and largely dependent on my withering bank account. Thankfully our hosts were generous with their advice and patient enough that even ham-fisted novices like me could enjoy this latest wave in a seriously enjoyable series, which I’m now glad to have discovered.

But back to Gremlins 2. Despite the bells and whistles; ultimately what this screening – what the whole night – came down to, was what the films in this collection represent: the simple joy of re-discovering great movies, no matter the size of the screen you catch them on.

It was a fantastic night enjoyed by all and I am sure to be increasing my Blu-Ray collection with this set!

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