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Movies R’ Stupid – Glass Prisons (How The Joker, Raoul Silva and Khan escaped through Poor Writing)

It took me a while to narrow this down, because of the ultimate greatness of these films in question.

The Dark Knight, Skyfall, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Avengers. What do those films have in common?

They have the antagonist of the film, The Joker, Raoul Silva, and Khan willingly surrender themselves only to escape from their imprisonment. All that’s fine, it’s been done in real life as well or mythology, whichever one you choose to believe.

In Greek Mythology, the Greek soldiers put themselves in  a massive wooden horse to enter Troy and they went on to massacre Troy.

So, it’s a proven method of villainy.

But, being a proven method of villainy, it does bother me quite a bit in movies. Because everyone seems to think it’s the smartest thing ever, especially in The Dark Knight. The Joker gives himself up and makes a fool of Batman, who’s also known as The World’s Greatest Detective, and relies on other smart people, such as Jim Gordon to drop their guard.

I can live with The Dark Knight, I can’t live with what Raoul Silva does in Skyfall.

Let me know if you agree with what I said about Mr.Silva in Skyfall, and I don’t know what to tell you if you think his plan is flawless.

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