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Movie Theater Clubs


Hey there movie goers…

Did you know there are ways for you to get free popcorn, free drinks and…wait for it…even a free movie ticket!

Many of the movie theater franchises offer a membership to their “movie club”. If you noticed, I did not use the word “Free”. That is because a couple of them either charge a fee or come with a package deal. Now I live in the North East of the United States (New York to be exact). So, in this area I have access to four different movie theater franchises – Showcase Cinemas/National Amusements/Magic Johnson Theaters, AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas/United Artists Theaters and Bowtie Cinemas. Below is a breakdown and explanation of the rewards programs and some of the special offers they have.


Showcase Cinemas/Cinema De Luxe/Multiplex/Superlux:

This movie theater movie chain has a program called the Starpass Program. After registering for this program, you get 10 points for every $1 you spend (either buying a movie ticket, concession stand and any restaurant found in the theater). This type of program is good for a big family or if you see movies religiously every week (like me 😉 ). Basically, if a big family were to spend $75 in tickets, concessions and/or from a theater restaurant, they would be able to get a coupon for a free item on their next visit. Another benefit they have for a movie goer is that if they purchase tickets online from the Showcase website or from MovieTickets.com, the online service fee will be waived.

Another important program that they have running is called Bargain Tuesdays. This is when, for the whole day on Tuesday, all regular movies are between $7.50 – $8.50. Prices are higher for the 3D, IMAX & IMAX 3D movies. You’ll have to visit your local theater for more information. This is actually good for people (like me) who are budgeting their funds. There are other minor programs that you may or may not have to pay for. You don’t have to join the club to use these programs. You would have to visit the site, Showcase Cinemas, to get more information.


AMC Cinemas:

This movie theater movie chain has a program called the AMC Stubs Program. This program is unique in that you would have to pay $12 for an annual fee. Sometimes, they may reduce the fee to $8 as an incentive to renew their membership. After registering, for every $1 you spend you get $1 added to your account. When you hit the $100 mark, you get $10 free added to your account to use for movies or concession food and the counter resets to $0 and you work the program again. Like the above program, this works well with a big family or if you religiously go to movies every week. When purchasing from the concession stand, you can get a free upgrade. Also, like the above program, if you purchase tickets online from the AMC Stubs website or from movie websites, the online service fee will be waived.

They have a unique ticket price range which might be interesting. Like many theaters, they offer matinee prices for tickets before 6PM. But this theater goes one better. If you want to watch a movie before 12PM, all movies will be priced between $5.99 – $7.99. You would have to visit the site, AMC Theaters, to get more information.


Regal Cinemas/United Artists Theaters/Edwards Theaters:

This movie theater movie chain has a program called the Regal Crown Club. After you register for free, you can start using the card. They recently changed the rewards program. For every $1 you spend, you get 100 points. Instead of getting the free coupons at the ticket counter, you can redeem them online and put them on your card. This is something you can do on this site that can’t be done on others. You can redeem the points for gifts like movie posters, downloads, etc. You would have to visit the site, Regal Cinemas, to get more information.


Bowtie Cinemas:

This movie theater movie chain has a program called the Criterion Club. You get 1 point for every $1 you spend in this theater chain. They have two types of programs. The basic program is free. With that you get Frequent Rewards for loyal movie goers, weekly e-mail with upcoming showtimes and announcements, invitations to members-only events and discounts on Movies & MimosasŽ and Insomnia TheaterŽ tickets. When you get the Gold Program, you get a different award system. You get a free ticket on your birthday, free upgrades on popcorn and fountain beverages and other items. You would have to visit the site, Bowtie Cinemas, to get more information.


Many of the programs I mentioned above have to be double-checked at the theater. I have noticed that theaters of the same chain in two different towns would have different tickets prices. There are other theaters that are out there that I have to research on. I will post the information when I learn more. Many of these theaters have summer programs for your children where if they read a book, they can see a movie (not a current one) for $1 or for mothers with newborns or for those who have special needs children. Check your theater for these programs. And if they do not have one, suggest it to them. There may be families that would like to have something like that in their theater.


Anyway, hope you enjoy this article and have fun watching movies.

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