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I’m Peter, 49 years (turning 50 this year, yes) and living in Belgium. I’m married with Veronika and together we have two lovely kids , Karolien (6y) and Filip (4y).

I’m a big movie-fan. I’ve been watching movies all my life and lost count of how many I saw till now. There isn’t a genre I don’t like (apart from those chick flicks and musicals). I do love horror,SF and fantasy the most. And preferably the low-budget creations. I just wanted to write down my opinion about those I saw.

That’s why I created a blog on blogger. It’s fun writing for it. Weekly you’ll see new movies being added to it. A suggestion or a correction is always welcome, since my English isn’t that perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

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My Posts


Turnabout (2016)

A troubled man survives a suicide attempt. He calls an old friend to rescue him in the middle of the ...
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Film Review : Life (2017)

A team of scientists aboard the International Space Station discover a rapidly evolving life form, that caused extinction on Mars, ...
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Film Review : Bottom of the world (2017)

The mysterious disappearance of a young woman leads her boyfriend on a journey for truth and perhaps his own unknown ...
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Film Review : The Great Wall (2016)

In "The Great Wall" European mercenaries are searching for black powder and become embroiled in the defense of the Great ...
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Film Review : Kill Switch (2017)

A pilot battles to save his family and the planet after an experiment for unlimited energy goes wrong. Genre : ...
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Film Review : The Ticket (2016)

A blind man who regains his vision finds himself becoming metaphorically blinded by his obsession for the superficial. Genre : ...
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Film Review : Solitary (2015)

Party-girl Nora drinks too much, can't hold down a job and pushes away everyone she loves. After her long-suffering boyfriend ...
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Film Review : Sleepless (2017)

Vincent Downs is a cop in Las Vegas, who's partnered with a crooked cop. His partner asks him to steal ...
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Film Review : Aftermath (2017)

Genre : Drama Country : USA Cast : Arnold Schwarzenegger : Roman Scoot McNairy : Jake Maggie Grace : Christina ...
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The Discovery

Film Review : The Discovery (2017)

Genre : SF Country : USA Cast : Robert Redford : Thomas Jason Segel : Will Rooney Mara : Isla ...
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Film Review : XX (2017)

Genre : Horror Country : USA/Canada Cast : Natalie Brown : Susan ("The Box") Melanie Lynskey : Mary ("The Birthday ...
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If there's a hell below

Film Review : If there’s a hell below (2016)

Genre : Thriller Country : USA Cast : Carol Roscoe : Debra Connor Marx : Abe Director : Nathan Williams ...
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Film Review : Passengers (2016)

Genre : SF Country : USA Cast : Chris Pratt : Jim Preston Jennifer Lawrence : Aurora Lane Michael Sheen ...
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Live by night

Film Review : Live by Night (2016)

Genre : Crime/Drama Country : USA Cast : Ben Affleck : Joe Coughlin Chris Messina : Dion Bartolo Zoe Saldana ...
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Film Review : Havenhurst (2016)

Genre : Horror Country : USA Cast : Julie Benz : Jackie Fionnula Flanagan :ย  Eleanor Belle Shouse : Sarah ...
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