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Movie Blogger’s Most Wanted – Talkie Gazette

Most Wanted Talkie GazetteLast week while we were in Anaheim, California, we got the chance to catch up with a fellow Brit, flying the flag for us over in the United States. None other than one of our favourite Blogger’s – Stewart from TalkieGazette.com! We had more than a few coffee’s while we got chat about Dr. Who, Terry Pratchett, and all things British.

Hi Stewart, it is good to finally meet you. We know you are from the UK, but where abouts?

I’m originally from Rossington. A little town near Doncaster.

Ah, I have been to Doncaster once, it was on a Stag weekend, so my memories of it are pretty hazey.

How long have you been writing movie reviews?

Not long really. I registered the TalkieGazette.com domain July 15th, 2013 and I’ve been adding three or four reviews a week ever since.

Well, you would never have guessed, we really enjoyed reading your reviews, we thought you were a veteran.

What made you start writing movie reviews?

I’ve always been an opinionated movie geek, and then last year it occurred to me I should create a blog and write reviews. I’m loving it too, and I’m kinda annoyed with myself for not starting this years ago!

I think that is the case with so many people, it is a brilliant hobby and also a chance to talk with like minded people.

We have noticed you review all different genre’s, what’s your favourite genre?

I would say science fiction, mainly because anything goes when comes to that genre.

What was the last movie you saw?

The last ‘new’ movie I saw was The Other Woman. The last movie I revisited was Alien 3.

What are your top five movies?

Difficult to select only five, and this list would likely be different if you asked me another day. The ones that come to mind are: Field of Dreams, Shawshank Redeption, How to Train Your Dragon, Aliens and E.T. But now I’m thinking about Kubrick – so 2001, Dr. Strangelove. I’ve also missed out some other classics – Empire Strikes Back, Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Art. You see – there are so many great films, how I can possibly pick only five of them?

We agree, it is extremely hard to pick just five, but you have some excellent one’s in there.

What are your worst five movies?

Movie 43, which I saw last year – appallingly bad! Dancer in the Dark – utterly contrived and illogical plot pissed me off. Beasts of the Southern Wild – horrible camera work actually made me physically ill watching it. Like being seasick or something. Battlefield Earth was pretty bad, and such a shame too because the book it’s based on is so good. If I ever win the lottery I think I will have it rebooted! Highlander II: The Quickening – Loved the first one, and was shocked how badly the sequel came out.

Highlander II would be up there for me, it is terrible.

What do you do when your not watching movies?

There’s honestly not much time for anything else these days. I read, and I just started The Long War (Terry Pratchett, Simon Baxter) which is the sequel to The Long Earth. I like taking on little arts and craft projects now and again. Made myself a Tardis Christmas tree topper last year! I pay the bills being a Web Developer.

A Tardis tree-topper, that is an awesome idea, I will have to try that next Christmas.

Tardis Tree Topper

Describe yourself in three words

Opinionated (about movies), creative, friendly

And one thing I will never do is …..

Knowingly kill someone! 😉

If someone had to star in a biography about your life who would it be?

I’m totally screwed now because Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have been perfect. We look alike, and even have the same last name! Now I’m not sure. Maybe Russell Crowe, but he’d have to gain a bit of weight for the part!

Ah, it is such a shame about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Russell Crowe, we could see that working!

Where can we STALK you? (Facebook, Twitter, blog, any other sites you write for?)




Thanks Stewart, it has been great catching up with you. Hopefully next time we are in California we can have another get together, only next time I will have a little less coffee, I don’t think I am going to sleep for a week.

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