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I take a strong passion in the production and study of film as an art form and entertainment platform. Most of all, I love watching movies and then writing detailed reviews on my overall thoughts, critiques and praises on them. I currently write small reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but I want to expand my output and write about various aspects of filmography. Speaking of writing, I love to write and I consider myself a somewhat good writer but I guess thats up to the reader to decide. Also, my friends say I have a good sense of humor but I don’t see it.

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Big Sick

Very Belated Reviews: The Big Sick

Romantic comedies get a bad wrap. Does that mean that a lot of so called "chick flicks" are works of ...
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spider-man: homecoming

Spider Man: Homecoming (A Review)

*MINOR SPOILER WARNING* I have never admittedly been a real huge fan of superhero movies. I certainly don't mind sitting through ...
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Beauty and the Beast movie review

Beauty and the Beast 2017: A (Very Belated) Review

I have never been a big fan of movie remakes as I feel that nothing can ever match up to ...
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Rock Dog movie review

Rock Dog: A Review

While it is not particularly offensive and may boast enjoyability from the youngest of kids (and I mean really young) Rock ...
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