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The Media Fire’s Top 14 favorite movie moments of 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Happy almost New Year everyone! Wow, 2014 went by pretty quick. That’s a shame. So these are the most memorable moments I had at the movies this year. I won’t go to into detail for most of these since I’ll include video links for most of these if I can find them. Also, SPOILER ALERT, most of these movie moments come from the climax or some important part of the film, so be warned. Anyway, let’s get down to it!

#14 – Mountain chase from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Let’s be real, the new Ninja Turtles movie wasn’t that bad, but it still kinda sucks. Except for this moment however, which is kinda awesome! It’s just a pretty darn well done action sequence in general, and was the part of the film that actually raised the stakes and almost kicked it up to an 11. Just that pointless butt shot though…. Ew.

#13 – “Football” from Transformers Age of Extinction

The best scene from Transformers 4 is also the most stupid, and that’s saying something. Mark Whalberg’s character takes out a CIA agent with a football that just “happened” to be lying around this Chinese home. But he doesn’t just take him out, he throw’s the football at his head causing him to fall to his death behind a terribly rendered greenscreen. Yes it’s just as funny as it sounds and I’m so, so sorry I couldn’t find a clip for it.

#12 – The climax from Big Hero 6

I couldn’t find a clip for this either because it’s a pretty darn recent film. I always feel like animated movies are a little restrained when it comes to doing action scene’s, most likely because they’re typically family features and we wouldn’t wanna scare the kiddies. But I’m glad that this time they still managed to give a fast paced clever action scene for their climax! Not to mention how beautiful it all looks of course.

#11 – Creation Sequence from Noah

Creation Sequence From Noah

Holy crap I forgot all about this one for a second! Why is that! Showcasing not only some incredible imagery, but also great editing, this not only shows how Darren Aronofsky’s version of the Bible story is supposed to work, but could also very well be the best interpretation of the creation story I’ve ever seen put to film. Check it out right here!

#10 – The climax from Edge of Tomorrow

You know, when they took away the respawn gimmick from the movie, you would think that any action from here on out would be a bit boring and that the film would lose momentum. At least for some people it did. But I dunno, throw in a chopper sequence and that sure fixed it for me! Maybe it’s because I kinda like the Call of Duty games, (PLEASE DON’T CLICK AWAY) but this just seemed kinda awesome to me. Not to mention that it features some pretty impressive imagery. Now sadly I couldn’t find this clip, but hey I found a mash-up of all the deaths! So there’s that?

#9 – The final act from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Now I obviously couldn’t find the clip for this because I’m talking about the whole last 4th or so, (also I think it’s still in theaters) but still, wow. Not only does this manage to pull of a stealth sequence worthy of Zero Dark Thirty (minus any actual death) but that’s not even the best part, which I will not dare spoil here. My only words are, it was easily the most haunting ending to a film I’ll probably see for a while. And especially if you didn’t read the book like me, this will come as a total shock.

#8 – Time’s square sequence from The Amazing Spider-man 2

In my opinion, this single action sequence manages to show all the best that the new Spider-man movies have to offer. Good use of slow-motion, witty banter from Spidey, Spidey actually trying to reason with the bad guy, great action, and a great choice of music that seems like you’re actually inside Elector’s head. And, is it me, or is there a moment of character develpoment for Electro that I think a lot of people missed? When Electro’s looking at the screen’s in time square and seeing his face being taken away by Spider-man’s? Hmm? No? Well then this is still cool. Side note: I could only find this full sequence in 3 parts and the video quality isn’t that good, and even then it’s not quite the full sequence sooo… Sorry!

#7 – Quicksilver’s scene from X-men: Days of Future Past

Quicksilver's scene from X-men: Days of Future Past

Where do I even begin with this sequence? This is almost infamous at this point! I mean there’s almost nothing I can say about this! So just watch it yourself. Assuming you don’t already own this movie because for some reason everyone really, really loves this movie.

#6 – Spaceship explosion from Interstellar

Another moment that I sadly couldn’t get because I don’t think the movie’s even out of theaters, this is a moment that’s almost can’t be described and just has to be seen. But again, since I can’t show you it, all I can say is that it’s a tense, pretty darn realistic sequence that is all the more epic for Hans Zimmer’s amazing score. If you can’t say that Interstellar was one of your favorite movies that came out this year, that’s fine, but I think we can all agree that this scene was pretty darn epic.

#5 – Highway shootout from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

For anyone who said that Superhero movies can’t be tense or gripping because the characters are to OP, allow me to bring this scene to your mind. Easily the best action scene from this movie, (and that’s saying a lot considering the ending) this is probably the most nailbiting intense moment of the year for me. And again, this is coming from a Marvel comics Superhero movie! Wow!

#4 – APES ON HORSEBACK WITH MACHINE GUNS from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Just, just the fact that we got this moment is amazing. But the best part is how it’s able to transition to an almost third person shooter tank sequence without missing a beat. It’s simply awesome and GOSHDANG-IT YOUTUBE I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING WITH YOU! Sorry guys. Go watch the movie, it’s still almost as awesome the second time around!

#3 – “Through the wormhole” from The Lego Movie

I honestly didn’t know where this movie was going when it got the third act, and once I saw it I thought “There’s no way this can work!” And then this movie did what it does best, and blew my expectations away. It’s incredible that the makers and writers of this movie where able to pull this plot twist off, not just almost perfectly, but in a way that helps to show the whole message of the movie perfectly. Aaaand I can’t find the clip. Crap.

#2 – Opening credits from Guardians of the Galaxy

This is by far my favorite scene from Guardians because in my opinion it’s where the soundtrack works best. It’s so unexpected hilarious, and it set’s the tone of the whole movie. What else can I say? It just works perfectly.

#1 – “Godzilla fatality” from Godzilla


“Godzilla fatality” is really the only way that I can describe this moment where Godzilla decides that he’s just had enough of this crap and decides to BREATH LAZER BREATH DOWN A MONSTER’S THROAT! Yes I think we can all agree this is truely the best moment of the whole movie year simply because it makes the whole movie worth it. It didn’t matter to me that most of the movie was a bit on the boring side anymore, this was worth it. This made the whole movie and possibly the whole year!

So there we go! Those are my favorite movie moments of this year! Let me know what your favorite movie moments were, and I’ll see you next year. Here’s to 2014 everyone!

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