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22 Year Old Los Angeles-based Producer and Director. Current Executive Producer of Puppets and Predictions and Production Assistant on Upcoming Show Drop the Mic.

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Puppets and Predictions: Does Whatever a Puppet Can

Ryan and Matt continue the journey of getting rid of Matt’s Transformer body by traveling to New York City to ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Minionority Report

This week, Ryan desperately tries to get Matt back from being a Transformer and accidentally summon a surprise ghost to ...
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Puppets and Predictions: The Transformer Awakens

Ryan and Matt return only to awaken a sleeping force and create a brand new problem for the duo. Join ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Show Me the Mummy!

Get into some Risky Business with the duo this week as they talk Opening Weekends for The Mummy, It Comes ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Captain Wonderpants

Summer Blockbuster Season is officially upon us so suit up as Ryan and Matt talk about the Opening Weekend for ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Dead Men Watch No Bays

Arrrrrggghh you ready for another episode of Puppets and Predictions, because we shore are!  Join the beefcake boys this week ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Ark to the Covenant

The boys wrap up this series’ most exciting storyline yet by traveling back to heaven to get Matt’s body back ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Snatched By Excalibur

Hold onto your butts this week as we swords are pulled from stones and galaxies are guarded. We’ll be sure ...
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Puppets and Predictions: To Infinity Stones and Beyond

Reunited and it feels so good…but different. Something is up this week when Matt comes back a bit different. Join ...
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Puppets and Predictions: No Puppet, Just Predictions

With Matt gone, will Puppets and Predictions ever be the same? Tune in this week to see how Ryan copes ...
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Puppets and Predictions: An Unforgettable Adventure

Ryan and Matt find themselves in quite the Unforgettable Adventure after winding up in heaven when they drove off a ...
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Puppets and Predictions: 2 Puppet 2 Furious

In our most exciting episode yet Ryan and Matt get into some trouble with Vin Diesel himself, solve some calculus, ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Put That Cookie Down!

Join Ryan and Matt this week when they discuss whether Beauty and the Beast can maintain its #1 in the ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Highway to the Ranger Zone

Rev up your engine and Go Go watch this weeks episode of Puppets and Predictions where Ryan and Matt take ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Beauty in the Least

Be our guest this week on Puppets and Predictions when Ryan and Matt talk the latest live-action Disney Blockbuster Beauty ...
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