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Over the weekend, I went to see the new movie release: The LEGO Movie. The Lego Movie stars Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and few other actors as well. If you haven’t seen this new movie release at your local movie theater, please go and see it.

Yes, it’s a kids film. And I knew this going in the other night. So I was prepared for the onslaught of children and the chaos they bring. To my surprise, they were well behaved. Except for one. The one child behind me decided to be the exception to the rule. Why me. It’s like someone up above knows that I have a blog post to write Monday morning.

This child’s name will be changed to Pete for the sake of this story. The first 10 minutes in, and the Pete was OK. Typical kid stuff going on behind me. Nothing that most adults do, only Pete had tinier hands, which caused him to fumble with his popcorn bucket. Another 10 mins, still fumbling with the bucket, but started asking more questions: why is that guy not falling? Are unicorns real? Can I have some M&Ms? You cold tell his mother was getting restless answering the questions.

After about 40 minutes and not getting the answers he wanted from his mother, the feet started moving. Of course, they moved in my direction. TAPTAPTAPTAP! “Pete, please stop kicking the chair,” whispered his mother.

TAPTAPTAPTAP….TAP! “Pete, please stop.”

TAP TAP TAPTAPTAP TAP TAP. Now it is becoming some sort of musical inspiration. Like Pete is trying to recall the beat to his favorite cartoon theme song. Whatever it was, I was not familiar with it. Nor was I pleased with his persistence.

I understand, he is probably 10 years old. Doesn’t understand the entire plot. Nor really cares as much as the rest of us do. I was 10 once, and I had a hard time sitting still. I’ve been in situations where adults have kicked the back of my chair. Either they were too big for their own chair, or they were moving around, or one guy was trying to kiss his girlfriend.

I give some kudos to Pete’s mom from trying to control him. It’s hard in those situations. Pete did eventually stop. You know what? Pete and I have something in common: a sense of humor. I noticed we laughed at the same parts of the movie.

I’m sure you will laugh at the same parts as well. Just be careful who you are kicking, please!!!

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