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Man of Steel by Paulie Popcorn!

Movie Rating:

The big new movie release from this past weekend was the action movie Man of Steel. Paulie Popcorn gives his movie review of the Man of Steel after visiting his local movie theater. Does he think you should see it in the theater or wait to rent it?

Here are some general comments about this action movie.

The Buzz: Man of Steel brings together David S Goyer (writer of The Dark Knight Trilogy), Christopher Nolan as Producer (and the directed of the Dark Knight Trilogy), and Zach Snyder who directed 300. Does this sound like a team that can create a movie you will like to see in your movie theater? You know they have the talent to create one heck of an action movie!

Visuals: CGI has come a long way since the earlier Superman movies and even the flying in the Matrix series. They did a wonderful of really getting the viewer to feel like they are right there flying with Superman. But it is the action scenes between Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon) that really take the cake. You get to see them throw each other through buildings, all out slam into each other, and the heat vision just pierce through their eyes. The Man Of Steel has raised some bars in action movies and comic book movies.

Engagement: The Man of Steel keeps the action going right from the start. In typical comic book movies, they start with the origin. They break away from this, since we all know about Superman. Yes, they do show how it happened. But they get into it more by showing us the events on Krypton that lead to Superman’s birth parents sending him to Earth.

What does Paulie Popcorn give it? You have to watch! As always, rate/ comment what you think!

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Paulie Popcorn
I'm Paulie Popcorn, the host of Filmigos over on YouTube. My little 4-legged sidekick is Carmella DiCorno. We pretty much try to distill movie reviews of new movie releases down to the most simplest of terms: theater, rent or avoid.