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Mad Max Fury Road movie review

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At this point I’m wondering what’s to be said here. By now most of the people who’ve wanted to see this movie have already seen it and come to the same conclusion I reached last night after I walked out of it. To wit, Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best action movies ever made. I’m still kinda shocked that this kind of action movie can exist in today’s action movie scene, where everyone who isn’t trying to do the Marvel thing is either trying to parody themselves like Fast and Furious, or be the next Taken. (which we should seriously just stop right now for everyone’s good) And now here comes Fury Road like a time capsule from an alternate reality version of the 80’s where everyone learned to tone down the machismo a bit and let the lady’s take the wheel.

Now when I say “Let the lady’s take the wheel,” I don’t only mean that literally, the most surprising aspect of Fury Road (for me anyway) was actually just how determined it was to show just how awesome it’s female characters could be. No I don’t think it’s smuggling some kind of feminist agenda into theaters or anything insane like that, but it was a welcome surprise for me. (and that’s speaking as a dude here) In fact our main character Max kinda see’s himself falling into the back-round of his own movie when compared to the amount of awesome side characters (male and female) he’s brought with him on this trip, but the movie’s smart enough to realize that this probably would’ve worked anyway even if he didn’t have 3 other movies to develop his character. It’s also a testament to the acting power of Tom Hardy that we’re able to get such a good look at his character through mostly just a few grunts, ticks, and muttered words, so that even if you didn’t watch the original 3 movies before coming here, (hey I’m working on it, give me a break before you head to the comments section with complaints about what a noob I am) you’re able to grasp his character very quickly.

Mad Max Fury Road movie review

Pure physical acting is something you don’t often see anymore, and it’s in spades here, as characters are usually able to express more with looks and actions then they do with words. Charlize Theron is amazing here, as she’s more the main character then anyone else in the movie, and probably could’ve carried the movie entirely on her own. Ultimately though, the movie’s about half story and half action, and the action is probably the best you’ll see in years. There are so many moments in this movie that I literally couldn’t believe I was seeing. As in, I literally have no idea how it was physically possible to get that shot in camera.

I was slightly miffed that the action moves so fast and is so complicated that it get’s very easy to lose track of things all together, but this isn’t like Transformers where they’re throwing all the CGI in the world in your face to excuse how poor the rest of the movie is. You can tell that most of the stuff you’re seeing was achieved with practical effects, you can tell that these fight scene’s must’ve taken days to choreograph right, you can tell that these actors risked life and limb to get these shots. In short, you can tell that actual effort was put into filming this movie. Ultimately, what set’s apart this movie from others is just how willingly insane it is.

Mad Max Fury Road movie review

As I said, I didn’t really watch the other 3 Mad Max movie’s before seeing this one, (you really don’t need to but I bet someone will complain anyway) so seeing just how downright crazy and disgusting this world is was refreshingly bizarre. Right down to the crazy war cult our main bad-guy Immortan Joe has raised up where he teaches his children to regard steering wheels as sacred objects and chrome is used as a compliment. Why surely this can’t be some kind of criticism of unhinged machismo and where it could lead, could it? Very subtle movie, very subtle.

But you’ve probably already herd all of this before. I was more than a little late to this party and by now everyone’s already seen this movie and come to the same conclusion I have. Suffice it to say that if you have any desire to see this movie, and I will say up front that it’s not for everyone, go see it. Mad Max: Fury Road is almost certainly going to be another action movie classic in a few years, and this is a movie that you’ll want to say you experienced in theaters. Because as of right now, Mad Max: Fury Road is the absolute best movie I’ve seen all year, and I don’t think that statement’s gonna be changing any time soon.

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The Media Fire gives this movie 9.5/10

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