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It – Review

Quick Review:

It is not only a creative reimagining of the popular novel by Stephen King, it is also one of the best movies of the year.


Synopsis (IMDb):

A group of bullied kids band together when a monster, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children.

My Background with the Film:

Like many people my age, I saw the 1990 TV special of It at a young age; somewhere between 8 and 10. And like most others, it left a deep impression on me. I never developed a fear of clowns, but I’ve always consider it to be one of the best horror movie villains because of Tim Curry’s portrayal. However, watching the 90s version today, the age definitely shows. It was in definite need of an update.

The Good:

Updated Yet Still Faithful – This version is spectacular. Now, there are definite similarities throughout, but the differences are just enough to make it feel unique. I give full credit to the the writers and director, Andy Muschietti. They were able to craft a near perfectly updated adaptation.


Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise – His voice, dialog, and mannerisms are some of the creepiest thing put on film. I absolutely love the unique and sinister quality he uses in his portrayal of Pennywise. While Tim Curry was able to ruin clown for thousands in the 90’s, Skarsgard will be able to do the same today.

The Cast – In fact, the entire young cast is amazing. It’s sometimes hard to get good young actors. So the fact that they were able to get 7 of them is even more impressive. They were fun, funny, and perfect guides through the never ending rollercoaster.


No Limits – Horror movies are always made worse when restrictions are put on them. That is why the biggest problem with It 1990 is that it premiered as a TV special. So now with an R rating, It is able to truly horrifying rather than just mildly creepy. From the opening scene to the final encounter there are numerous encounters with gallons of blood, disfigured creatures, and dismembered corpses. All for one purpose, to provide the ultimate scares for the audience.

The Scares – There are two types of scary movies. The one’s that use jump scares as the primary scare method and those that use creepy and creepy imagery. Thankfully It uses the second. There are still a few jump scares, but the majority are achieved by putting the cast in intense and suspenseful situations.


The Ehh:

Repetitive Scare Formula – In It there is a very repetitive formula. We learn what kid fears, kid encounters fear enhanced by the creature, Pennywise shows up, scene ends. This happens with each of the seven kids so it does get a bit formulaic. Luckily each kid’s fears are unique enough that they are all exciting and uniquely terrifying. So while it was repetitive, it was still scary and fun each and every time.

The Ugh-ly:



It is absolutely fantastic. Currently it is in my top 5 movies of the year. I’d even go as far to say it might be in my top 5 horror movies of the decade. It is truly that great! It was fun, exciting, and most importantly scary. Everyone should definitely see It in theaters and then buy it on Blu-Ray.

Movie Rating:

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Sometimes a film, no matter how much love is involved, fails to meet expectations. That’s where I jump in and break down “The Good,” “The Ehh” and “The Ugh-ly.” My purpose is to try to determine how the film succeeded and how it could have been better. I believe that this process can elevate the film industry and make the film going experience better for all.