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Ironman 3 Movie Review

Movie Rating:

The movie Ironman 3 gets yet another review from our very own Paulie Popcorn!

Find out if Paulie thinks its worth going to the theater or waiting to rent it while you’re at home. He will let you know if you should save your money or not.

The Buzz surrounding this movie is that the movie Ironman 3 is now directed by Shane Black instead of John Favrau, who directed the other two movies. Shane Black is know for Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which also starred Robert Downey, Jr. The combination of Robert Downey, Jr. and Shane Black’s flair for quick banter really shows in this film. It gives a certain humanistic and quick-witted mindset that was needed in the Tony Stark character.

The Visuals in this movie release is pure comic and special effects fun. One of the scenes where you see Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr) using his different suits is pure fun. Especially in IMAX 3D. But I heard in 2D it works just as well.

Engagement in the movie Ironman 3 is pretty much nonstop. I found myself divested in the characters and plots. Sure, there are a few down times, but the direction led by Shane Black and Robert Downey, Jr’s silver tongue really keep the movie going.

Just lots of fun all around for everyone.

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Paulie Popcorn
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