Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy: Average Guy Movie Review

Breathe Easy is an independent film, shot in multiple locations throughout ten countries. This global accomplishment took more than 20 ...
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American Violence movie review


Greetings again from the darkness. Making a political statement is nothing new for movies; however, if a filmmaker takes a ...
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Rayanna Dibs

The Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demons – A Short Film Review

The Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demons is a great short drama that takes a dark look at a single woman ...
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The Sunshine Makers movie review


Greetings again from the darkness. “Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.” For those of us born a bit too late ...
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We Just Want To Play - A Short Film Review

We Just Want To Play – A Short Film Review

We Just Want To Play is a fun teen-comedy that follows the usual college/university traits. There are some positive signs ...
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C.R.Usher – Indie Film Review

Synopsis: Written, directed, and produced by Richard Groen. Catherine helps the police locate a drug lord named Scorpion who ends ...
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The Deja Vuers

The Deja Vuers – Short Film Review

Synopsis: Directed by Chris Esper and written by Jason K. Allen. Starring: Christie Davine, Kris Salvi, Craig Capone, and JP ...
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Gary From Accounting

Gary From Accounting – A Short Film Review

Gary From Accounting is an extremely funny and entertaining short film. A witty script and some fantastic acting make this ...
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Home Education – Short Film Review

Synopsis: Short Film. An inquisitive girl is convinced by her controlling mother that her dead dad will resurrect if they ...
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Illegal Aliens1

Illegal Aliens – Short Film Review

Synopsis: Short Film. Due to the recent arrival of undocumented immigrants, the city of Simpletown holds a special session city ...
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Call of the Wolf Review

This week on Wes Nichols TV Wes reviews the 2017 drama, thriller, "Call of the Wolf". What did Wes think? ...
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Paterson Trailer


Greetings again from the darkness. Do you find poetry in everyday life? What about poets … do you envision loners ...
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He Who Dares – A Violet Cause Review

Guest host Violet Claus shoves a Die Hard/Not-Die Hard imitation down your chimney ...
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Boris in the Forest movie review

1 Minute To Midnight – Short Film Reviews By Benjamin Brown

1 Minute To Midnight Reviews by Benjamin Brown As the clock strikes twelve…1 Minute To Midnight presented a marvellously morbid ...
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‘Moonlight’ Review: Berry Jenkins Creates A Powerful Story Of Poverty, Sexuality and Drug Abuse

A talented cast and unique cinematography create an ambitious impressionistic coming of age story Moving between rap songs and a ...
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