We have created this quick guide to help you use our new website. It is quite simple to use, we think it is a lot easier than the old site, but if you have any questions or you are still unsure how to use the site then please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

The new website runs using WordPress. I am sure there are a lot of you who have experience using this so should be able to jump right in and get started. The purpose of this How-To guide is to explain how to create a new post, use the text editor, add a star rating to a review, insert images and place in the correct categories.

If you are looking to add Vlogs or videos then keep scrolling and we have a section below for Vloggers.

Creating a Post


When you first log in to the website you will be greeted by this screen. This is known as the Dashboard, and from here you an do a number of different things such as editing your profile and creating new posts. What this guide is going to look at here is creating a new post. All you need to do is hover your mouse over to the left hand side of the screen where the navigation panel is and click on the menu item ‘Posts’.


This is the ‘Posts’ screen. Here you will see a list of posts that you have created. The user in the example above has created one post, so we can only see one entry here. The ‘Categories’ section shows what sections of the website it appears in. To create a new post simply click on the button at the top of the screen that says ‘Add New’.

The Text Editor


This is where you create your new post. It is a simple text editor with a number of useful options. The top bar with the words ‘Enter Title Here’ is where you put the title to your article. The text box below this is where you type up your article. Some of the buttons in the tool bar on the text editor you will more than likely be familiar with. The Bold, Underline and Italic buttons are self explanatory, the speech marks button allows you to create a ‘blockquote’. Next is the ‘bullet list’ and ‘numbered list’, then the left, right and center align buttons, which are also something you will all be familiar with. The next two buttons are to create a link and to remove a link, follwed by the ‘insert table’ button. The ‘Question Mark’ button is for keyboard shortcuts, the smiley face is used to insert ’emoticons’, and the next button is for special icons. The button after this is the ‘toggle toolbar’ button, this can make the secondary toolbar (the one underneath with the font options on it) appear or disappear. The final button is for proof reading.

Adding a Star Rating for a Review


The box on the top right hand side of the page titled ‘YASR’ is very important when you are creating a review. This is for your ‘Star Rating’ of the movie. Simply use you mouse to select how many stars you are going to give the movie then copy the short code in the bottom of the box [ yasr_overall_rating ] and put it at the top of your post, and also put it at the bottom of the post. You can see the code has been placed into the article in the example screenshot above. This short code will display the rating you have given the movie once it is published.

Adding Images


To insert an image into your review is very simple. All you need to do is click on the button above the text editor called “Add Media” and you are presented with the screen shown in the screenshot above. If you wish to upload an image from you computer just click on the ‘Upload’ tab at the top, then click the ‘Select Files’ button and you can navigate to the image on your computer and upload it. Once it has uploaded it will appear in the ‘Media Library’ screenshot above. Select the image you want to insert into your review (A tick will appear on the image once it is selected), then click the ‘Insert into Post’ button on the bottom right hand side (the blue button), and this will place your image into the review. You can put as many images as you like into the post.

The Visual and Text Tabs


At the top of the text editor you may have noticed two tabs, one called ‘Visual’ and one called ‘Text’. It is likely that you will spend the majority of your time using only the Visual tab, as this is the text editor that shows you exactly what you will see in the actual post. The Text tab shows you the code behind the post. This view can be used if you need to add or edit any custom HTML onto the page.

Selecting Categories and a Featured Image


Before you set a post as ‘live’ it is important to tag the post in the correct categories. If you are creating a review, it is important to tick on the ‘Review’ category, also if it is a new movie then click on the ‘Latest Movie’ category and if it is a sci-fi adventure movie then be sure to click on the categories ‘Science Fiction’ and ‘Adventure’. One of the great features about the new site is that you can put your post into more than one category. We have also made some additional categories for ‘Cult Movies’, ‘Chick Flicks’ and ‘Guy Movies’, if your review is any of these then be sure to tick them on the categories. If you are reviewing an indie movie, we have a completely different section for them, if you look at the ‘Categories’ list then you will find a whole section to ‘Indie Movies’, simply tag your movie as ‘Indie’ and ‘Indie Review’. If you have any suggestions for other categories that we have not included then let us know and we will look into adding them.

Another important thing to do before you set you review as live is to select a ‘Featured Image’. This is done using the box just a little bit further down than the ‘Categories Box’. The featured image is the thumbnail that will appear on all of the menus in the site so it is important to make sure you select one. Simply click the link in the Featured Category box ‘Set Featured Image’. This will take you back to the Media Library and you can select the image you wish to use as the thumbnail.

Publishing and Saving Your Work


Now once you have finished your review you need to publish it. All you need to do is click on the ‘Publish’ button. On the screenshot above you can see the ‘Publish’ button is the blue one on the right hand side of the screen. If you don’t get to finish your review or your want to save it to continue working on it later, just click on the ‘Save Draft’ button on the right hand side above the ‘Publish’ button and this will save your work for later. The post will appear on the ‘Posts’ page and will have ‘Draft’ written next to it so you will know it has not been published.

If you want to write anything else for the site, this works in exactly the same way, just make sure you select the correct category to put the post under, such as ‘Article’ if you are writing an article, or ‘Indie Trailer’ if you are posting a trailer for an indie movie. It is very straight forward. If you are not doing a review then there is no need to insert the review stars into the post.

Posting Vlogs

If you are a Vlogger then it is likely that you have skipped straight down to this post. Vloggers are an extremely important part of our site and we have created our very own section for you on the Menu Bar on the website and only plan on growing this section even more.


Once you have logged into the site you are brought to the Dashboard. This is the admin panel that allows you to put posts onto the site and edit your user profile. To create a new post simply click on the ‘Posts’ link on the left hand side navigation panel.


Adding The Embed Code

This screen will show all of the posts you have created for the site. In the example above the user has only created one post so that is all you can see. Click on the button at the top of the screen called ‘Add New’, this will take you to the page that allows you to add a new post.


To place a video into your post you need some code. Don’t panic, this is very simple coding, in fact you don’t need to write any code yourself, it is simply a case of copying and pasting. In the example above we have a video from YouTube, underneath the video is three tabs – ‘Share’, ‘Embed’ and ‘Email’, what we need is the Embed tab. Click on this tab will bring you to the section above, all you need to do is copy this code and paste it into your post.


As you can see in the example above, all you need to to is paste the code into the post and that is it. Then you can put text below the video if you want to add a description or some text to go along with the video. If you are posting a review you can add a star rating as well to correspond with how you rate the movie you are reviewing.

Adding a Star Rating


The example above shows the the user has given the review three stars out of five. To place that into the post all you need to do is copy and paste the code that is highlighted in the box. You can see this example has the rating code below the video code. Once the post is live this will show the video and the rating.


As you can see in the screenshot this is how the following code will appear on the website. The video code has been replaced with the YouTube video and the review code is replaced by the stars movie rating.

Adding Categories and a Featured Image


To get the post to appear in the correct sections of the site you need to make sure you select the right categories for the post to appear in. If you scroll down the Post page slightly you will notice a box on the right hand side called ‘Categories’. Vlogs have their very own categories so it is important to select this so it appears in the right section. In the example screenshot above this post has been selected for the ‘Vlog’ category and the ‘Vlog Movie Trailer’ category. This means that this post will appear in both of those sections.

You also need to select a ‘Featured Image’ for the post. This is in a box on the right hand side, just a little further down from the category box. Clicking on the ‘Set Featured Image’ will take you to the media library where you can either select an appropriate image or upload one from your own computer.


The screenshot above shows the Media Library, to select your own image for the Featured Image click on the ‘Upload Files’ tab, then click ‘Select Files’ this will allow you to navigate through the files on your computer and upload an appropriate image. The Featured Image will appear as the thumbnail on all of the navigation post feeds on the site so it is important that the image is appropriate to either the movie/movies you are talking about in the video, or something relevant to your channel.

Publishing Your Post


Once you have finished the post, selected an appropriate Featured Image and selected the correct Categories for it to appear in you can set it as live. All you need to do this is click the blue Publish button on the right hand side of the screen, as shown in the screenshot above. If you have not finished your post and want to come back to it later all you need to do is click on the ‘Save Draft’ button which is located a little about the Publish button.

As we said previously we are still growing our Vlogging section, so if you have any ideas about new categories or sections for posts or you have any ideas or suggestion we would love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

Also if you are still struggling to use the WordPress system let us know and we will be more than happy to help you out.