Film Review : Gremlin (2017)

A man receives a mysterious box containing a terrible secret, a creature that will kill everyone else in his family ...
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Undead Matt’s Macabre Movie Mania: Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Undead Matt takes a look at the classic Universal movie Bride of Frankenstein. Does it stand up to his spooky ...
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Happy Death Day (2017) Movie Review

"Itttt's my birthday and I ain't gotta pick up the phone..." Yeah, expect to hear that line from Trak Kartel's ...
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Cold Moon

Film review : Cold moon (2016)

In a sleepy southern town, the Larkin family suffers a terrible tragedy. Now the Larkin's are about to endure another: ...
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Quick Movie Review: mother! (2017)

Before stepping foot into a theater to watch mother!--if you actually decide to--you must know that this film is entirely ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews Jigsaw

Sexy Matt takes a look at the newest addition to the Saw franchise, Jigsaw. Will he survive the torture of ...
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killing of a sacred deer


Greetings again from the darkness. When we become a spouse and a parent, we immediately develop a mode of protection ...
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Undead Matt’s Macabre Movie Mania: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978)

Welcome to Undead Matt's Macabre Movie Mania. For the first episode Undead Matt looks at the 1978 horror/comedy Attack of ...
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The Snowman 1

The Snowman Review

Put into perspective, the rise of Scandinavian crime dramas is still quite new compared to other media trends. However, their ...
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Apparently Flatliners is a remake of a 1990 film directed by Joel Schumacher. If that isn't telling enough of how bad this ...
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It (2017) Movie Review

In the sleepy town of Derry, Maine, kids are disappearing at an alarming rate. When a 13-year-old's little brother turns ...
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mother! summary & review

A couple’s bond is something that is difficult to break. The love that a man and a woman feel for ...
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mother! Review

Whilst watching Darren Aronofsky’s latest creation, memories of early film studies started to come back to me. I was reminded ...
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mother! (2017)

Greetings again from the darkness. Him. Mother. Man. Woman. When those are the identifiers of the four main characters (none ...
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It Review

It's the big one, folks, one of the most anticipated films of the fall has arrived, and it's also one ...
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