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Great movie for someone trying to get into the X-men franchise

X-Men: Days of Future Past movie review

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I’ve been trying to get into the X-men movies for some time now. I began watching First Class, but never finished it. So I said, “Screw it, I know what happens in the other movies, I’m just gonna see the new one since I’ve heard it’s really good.” Well I’m glad I did because this movie ROCKED. there were just so many good things in this movie. Let’s get into them.

Let’s start with the movies strongest point, story and characters.

Story is really good. Being able to make characters that we all like very relevant to the story, while still being able to make it believable and not sound like fan-fiction. This movie has some subtle but hard hitting emotional moments when it comes to characters. We see that Charles Xavier has really just kind of hit rock bottom in his life and really doesn’t know what to do anymore. We see Wolverine trying to help him to save the terrible future he’s just come from. We see Mystique and Magneto trying to help mutant-kind no matter the consequence.

All of this helped by the amazing acting. I mean like EVERYONE does a good job to some extent. Even most of the mutants stuck in the future that we only see for like 10 minutes do pretty well. Speaking of which, the action isn’t half bad. It’s not Captain America: The Winter Soldier levels of awsomeness, but the action scenes in Future are really cool. Probably the best parts are the action scene in the beginning in the future, and the prison break scene. Speaking of which, Quicksilver is just freaking hilarious.

My few complaints are the ever-present plot holes (How is Professor X still alive in the future when he died in X3) and a lot of the really awesome mutants (like Bishop, Quicksilver, Blink, and Sunspot) aren’t in the movie that much.

I had a great time with DOFP and I’m excited to see where the franchise is headed next. If you want to go see this movie but haven’t seen the others, at least go read the Wikipedia versions of most of the movies. Then go see this movie because it’s great, and doesn’t deserve to be missed.

The Media Fire gives this movie an 8.5/10

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