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Go see it

Selma movie review

Go. See. Selma.

I’m don’t think I’m even going to write a review for this movie so much as a plea for everyone to just go freaking see Selma. This movie may not be perfect, may not be the best movie I’ll see this year (for goodness sakes it’s the first movie I’ve seen this year), but it isn’t one anyone should miss.

This movie made me want to stand up and freaking cheer. This is in every sense, a great movie. The direction is great, the acting is amazing, the degree of realism applied to this movie is brutal, it’s just an amazing movie. I really can’t explain how good this movie is, and I have a feeling if I did I really would just ruin the movie.

All I can say is, any and all problems with this movie are easily crushed by just how good this movie is.

If you’re a fan of movies based on true stories, go see Selma. If your a fan of movies with great acting and great direction, go see Selma. If your a fan of movies in general, GO SEE SELMA.

I understand that I may be over-hyping this movie for people, but I really just think that you have to see this movie.

So one last time, GO SEE SELMA!

Happy 2015 people, it’s gonna be awesome.

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