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It Follows (2015) Movie Review

It Fllows

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Perhaps It Follows could have done with a little more resolution. Or maybe it ended exactly where it was supposed to. Either way, the movie was flat-out phenomenal from start to finish.

After sleeping with a guy she has been dating for awhile, Jay (Maika Monroe) wakes up to find herself tied to a chair in an abandoned building. Her boyfriend explains to her that he has passed on to her a mark that will cause something horrific to come after her. She has to kill it before it kills her and comes after the others that have been marked.

It Follows opens with a girl bursting out of a home in her underclothes. She is frazzled and looks to be terrified by something. She runs home, grabs her car keys, and races for the beach. It’s not two minutes in before we see what comes of this girl and the horrifying entity we will be dealing with in the film. Three minutes in and you’re totally hooked.

Although director David Robert Mitchell confirmed that there is no set time period in which the movie takes place, both the setting and soundtrack gave me an 80’s vibe a la “Stranger Things”. I can’t explain it, but the little touches–cord phone, small tube tv’s, etc.–gave the film even more of an unsettling feel.

I can’t tell you the number of times I had to leave my chair to hide out in the kitchen, watching the film from around a corner. What terrified me the most was not having any idea what was coming next. The entity antagonist literally could be anyone and could show up at anytime. Edge of my seat doesn’t even begin to define it.

The movie benefits from both an interesting premise and a phenomenal performance from Monroe. I hope to see her again in more films, one of which I just added to my Movies 365 list: The Guest (2014)! I give It Follows a very well-deserved 97. See it.

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