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Fixed (2018)

Fixed 2018

Movie Rating:

Movie Rating:

Starring: Andy Comeau, Courtney Henggeler, Mindy Sterling, Leonard Roberts, Nelson Franklin, Alan Ruck

Directed by: Alonso Mayo

Written by: Bryan Erwin, Alonso Mayo

Rating: TV-MA (R) Running Time: 1 hr 32 min.

My 2 Cents:

Allan (Andy Comeau) is a man-child going through a midlife crisis. He’s a husband and a dad, yet emotionally ill-equipped to handle the challenges presented by his increasing years. He desperately holds on to the few remaining symbols of his masculinity like a child refusing to give up his favorite toys.

Suggestions made by his adult wife, Maria (Courtney Henggeler) to implement practical grown-up solutions to the problems in their lives are directly challenged by Allan’s best friends, Phil (Leonard Robert) and Jason (Nelson Franklin). Who, like Allan, cling onto outdated notions of what it is to be a manly master of your domain.

Actor Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) as Dr. Ken.
Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) as Dr. Ken.

So, Fixed is simply having fun with outdated childish notions of what it is to be a man’s-man. Its presentation plays to very well-established stereotypes, and it’s not trying to deliver any poignant life-affirming lessons. The women are always right, the men are always wrong. Minivans are for pussies, and the idea of a vasectomy is comparable to gender reassignment surgery!

On that level, Fixed is familiar and a touch predicable. But it isn’t a complete waste of time if you’re looking to enjoy a few laughs at the expense of a group of hapless morons coming to terms with their middle-aged years. If you’re a guy and ever felt nostalgic about your freewheeling, sports car driving days, Fixed should connect and entertain. The film doesn’t overstay its welcome, and it moves along at a decent pace. I personally couldn’t relate to Allan and his gang, but I still found the dialogue lively and funny in places, and the performances were good.

Fixed will be available on February 13th, 2018 on all major VOD (Video on Demand) platforms in the US and Canada.

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