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Film Stars Who Play the Lottery

What do Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, Madonna, George Clooney, and Sylvester Stallone have in common, besides the fact that they are all well-known celebrities from the silver screen? In addition to their international fame these film stars, as well as many other well-known sports stars, television personalities and musicians, all play the lottery.

It’s obviously not the money that attracts their attention but rather the excitement and thrills of hoping Lady Luck will show up at their door with an unexpected windfall. The record-breaking $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot in January 2016 undoubtedly sent them hurrying to the nearest convenience store to buy tickets or possibly they made their purchases conveniently through an online ticket purchasing service like theLotter. One certainly wouldn’t expect to stand behind a celeb waiting to buy a lottery ticket at a convenience store or supermarket.

Woody Allen may be going “Bananas” by admitting that he buys $100 worth of lottery tickets every week. Or maybe in his hopes to win a big jackpot he’s planning to “Take the Money and Run.” He apparently will do “Whatever Works” to win the lottery.

For Hugh Jackman it could be “The Prestige” that sends him to the lottery booths. Jackman could be one of the “X-Men” who purchase randomly selected numbers – he treated his “Real Steel” filming crew with 500 lotto tickets. His generosity helped him bond with the crew and was also a “way to pay taxes,” the actor said.

Madonna may not be known for her acting skills but there were those who asked “Who’s That Girl” in the queue at the ticket kiosk. In Italy, no less! The “Material Girl” won €120,000 in secondary prizes in a 2012 SuperEnalotto drawing and donated her winnings to a charity building schools in Malawi.

Both George Clooney and Elizabeth Hurley planned to make charity donations if they won the lottery. Hurley may have been “Bedazzled” by the thought of winning a top prize but both actors were left “Up in the Air” when they didn’t win a thing. “The jackpot is so high, so why not try?” Clooney said. He had planned to use his prize money to help victims of the Haiti earthquake. He probably should adopt a “Good Night, Good Luck” strategy for buying tickets.

Sylvester Stallone has probably seen that his road to lottery riches is a bit “Rocky”. It may have been greed that convinced him and fellow “Creed” costar Michael B Jordan to purchase lottery tickets. “Do you think people would be happy if I won?” the “Rambo” star asked, referring to the $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot. The big draw was certainly a “Cliffhanger” but those tickets were “The Expendables” and new ones would have to be purchased for the next one.

There be many more film stars who play the lottery but most are unwilling to expose this part of their private lives to their fans. That might change if they end up winning a huge lottery jackpot.

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