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A fantastic idea for science fiction with a decent level of excitement…

Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow movie review

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The first thing that is striking about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is the time period. It’s futuristic and historical at the same time. It looks either like a science-fiction story written in the 1930s to 1940s or a science-fiction story written today by someone who imagined the future to look like the 1930s to 1940s but with more technology. In fact, I wasn’t aware of this setting until I saw the movie. The posters for Sky Captain may suggest it to be science-fiction, but not necessarily old-fashioned science-fiction.

The plot does have a nice setup. Gwyneth Paltrow is Polly Perkins, a reporter in New York City who witnesses giant robots flying in the air. She eventually meets Jude Law as a fighter pilot named Sky Captain. They are both on a search for scientists who have disappeared. Like plenty of other adventure stories, one thing leads to another and eventually to a climax where the heroes must save the world. Formulaic, but it’s still fun to watch in this movie.

This movie is also entertaining if you enjoy sci-fi action. There is plenty of it here. Polly runs down the street with the feet of the giant robots coming down. Sky Captain flies a plane against some giant bird-like aircraft. And I won’t say what else is there. Otherwise, I’d be spoiling the excitement.

I should note that there are two very interesting casting choices for supporting characters. They are interesting because I did not expect them to be in a movie like this, though there’s nothing wrong with it. Angelina Jolie has a small role as Franky, an eye-patched officer on an airship. The other is a post-humous film appearance by Laurence Olivier. Obviously, the late actor can only appear as a character on film in image form rather than in the flesh. But it’s still a worthy mention.

I did not expect to see this movie initially, but when I saw it, I thought it was pretty good. It has just enough excitement to make it watchable. My biggest complaint would simply be the final shot of the movie, just because I was hoping for someone more memorable to close the picture. Instead, the climax was over and the movie ended with a somewhat premature closure. But that’s OK. The point is that Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is not bad if you love science-fiction action adventures.

Anthony’s Rating: 6/10

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