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Enter the Dragons

How To Train Your Dragon 2 movie review

Movie Rating:

I already knew that this would be a good movie. Dreamworks seem to have a gift with sequels. Kung-Fu Panda 2 is just as good as the original in my opinion, and I’ve heard that the Madagascar movies only get better as the sequels kept coming. BUT BY ODINS BEARD IS THIS MOVIE GOOD!!!!!! It ups the stakes, it ups the emotion, it ups the action and it’s just an overall amazing movie. Sequel or not.

Ok, literally the only bad thing with this movie is that the villain’s a bit dull. Sure he’s kinda cool, he does have legitimate character devolopment, and he does some very evil deeds while he’s on screen. But, I’ve seen better from animated movies. I think that I’m having the same problem with this movie that most people had with The Amazing Spider-man 2. The villains were good in all respects (to me), but most people thought they weren’t so hot. It’s the reverse here. From what I’ve seen, most people are fine with the villain (to be frank so am I), but I think he could’ve been done a bit better. Also, his dragon call is just ridiculous. Don’t even try and deny it.

But enough with the negative, THIS MOVIE ROCKED! I didn’t think this movie needed new characters, but it has them, and they’re pretty great. Hiccups mother, Valka, is an insanely awesome dragon rider in her own right (not spoiling anything here because the trailers did that anyway). All the old characters from the first movie are back except this time they’re a bit older. Seeing Hiccup and the other Riders having aged up is an interesting touch. Speaking of which, Hiccup is now one of the coolest animated characters, ever. He’s got new gadgets, we see he’s matured and has to take on responsibility, and we see his relationships have gotten a bit more interesting. Toothless continues to be the adorable awesome ball of scales we’ve come to expect but we also see him and his relationship with Hiccup be put to the limits.

There are some really emotional moments in this movie that were quite shocking, and came right the heck out of nowhere. I won’t spoil them, but chances are you’re going to be in shock (and possibly tears) at points in the movie. However, don’t worry, this is also a very funny movie in parts. The action is great. I always had a bit of a problem with the action in the first movie, even though it was ok. The action in this movie, however, is freaking awesome. Visually, this is the best looking movie I’ve seen in recent memory. This rivals Avatar. See this movie in 3D if you can, because it’s great. You won’t regret it.

In fact, just see this movie period. Even if you haven’t seen the first movie, see this for the visuals at least. This is the movie that’s come the closest to topping The Lego Movie as best movie I’ve seen this year. It’s amazing, and I’d see it again in a heartbeat. It’s emotional, it’s astounding, and it’s totally on par with the original. If it hasn’t surpassed it.

Movie Rating:

The Media Fire gives this movie 9.2/10

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