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Elysium Movie Review: Matt Damon Wears a Ford Pickup Chasis

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Elysium is the 2nd movie from director Niell Blomkamp (District 9) and stars Matt Damon (Max) and Jodi Foster (Delacourt). What does Paulie Popcorn talk about in his movie review? Matt Damon wears a metal harness, poor people work crappy jobs, rich people have cool med bays, and Matt Damon can download pirated porn into his head. Or can he? You will have to watch the review to find out! And find out what review and rating Paulie Popcorn gives it!

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Paulie Popcorn
I'm Paulie Popcorn, the host of Filmigos over on YouTube. My little 4-legged sidekick is Carmella DiCorno. We pretty much try to distill movie reviews of new movie releases down to the most simplest of terms: theater, rent or avoid.