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Edinburgh International Film Festival Unveils Bespoke Tartan

Edinburgh, April 2016 – Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) has collaborated with Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and world renowned fabric suppliers, Bute Fabrics, to produce a tartan to celebrate the Festival’s 70th edition in 2016.

The design incorporates the red, black and white of EIFF’s logo, and integrates the aspect ratio of 70mm film, simultaneously commemorating EIFF’s 70th edition, whilst also representing its commitment to the heritage, artistic integrity and technical skill of cinema exhibition and projection.

EIFF Deputy Artistic Director Diane Henderson commented: “As an international event known all over the world for screening the best in new and classic cinema, we remain extremely proud of our Scottish roots and what better way to express this than through our very own tartan design!”

A limited edition EIFF tartan scarf will go on sale from May 25th.

The design and production of the tartan started with a competition for second year design students at ECA. The winning design was selected by a judging panel which included EIFF Artistic Director Mark Adams, and Deputy Artistic Director, Diane Henderson. It was then converted into an official tartan by Bute Fabrics and has now been registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans.

Winning ECA design student, Hazel Steven, commented: “I researched contemporary designers and artists and considered how light affected the mood of a piece which linked to the use of a projector. I explored tartan patterns with ink and print techniques. When I found out that I had won I was really excited to see how my art work was then translated into a woven tartan.”

Wendy Murray, Brand and Accessories Manager at Bute Fabrics added: “Bute Fabrics have been honoured to work in close collaboration with EIFF and students from ECA on the creation of the new official Film Festival tartan. Bute Fabrics helped to translate the winning student design into the final tartan you now see in the EIFF’s own striking colour palette. A great project for all involved and we look forward to working with EIFF again in future.”

EIFF will be producing a limited edition, 100% lambswool, tartan scarf, available for sale from Filmhouse Box Office and online from May 25th. The festival will also be hosting an exhibition at Filmhouse presenting the creative process of the ECA students, from mood board development to final fabric design.

The colour, form and structure of the tartan also assimilates the elements below:

  • The vertical white broken weave is intended to represent the perforations of film stock.
  • The asymmetry of the black rectangular frame is intended to be reminiscent of the cinema screen.
  • The broader vertical red weave juxtaposed with the black rectangular frame is intended to be reminiscent of traditional red velvet cinema tabs framing the cinema screen.
  • The pattern in repeat is intended to be reminiscent of strips of 70mm film.
  • The two tone gold is intended to represent the light emitted from a projector
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