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Dumb, dumb, fun

Pacific Rim movie review

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I went to see this movie last year for my birthday and I was pretty pumped for it. I didn’t care if this movie was gonna be bad or not, I just wanted to see some robots punch the crap out of some Kaju. Well if you’re looking for a movie like that, you’ll certainly get that. Along with a lot of other unnecessary stuff, some good, some bad.

Let’s start with story. It’s a pretty basic story with nothing that probably hasn’t been used before. Although I did like the concept of having the whole Kaju vs. Jeager thing happening in the future, and having humanity losing the fight.

The characters are pretty entertaining, but not things that we haven’t seen at least once before. They all have some amount of depth to them, which is great, but there’s never so much depth that I got emotionally interested. But I’m not complaining. I didn’t come for story, I came to see some giant robots punch Kaju in the face. The acting’s good. Not the best, but certainly entertaining (Special mention going too the two scientist buddies).

Now it’s about time I started mentioning what we all came to the movie to see, the action. There’s really only one part where it’s lacking and sadly it’s the first action scene. Don’t get me wrong the rest of the action scenes get better and better as the movie goes on, but the first one’s really hard to look at. Literally. Since it takes place in the middle of the ocean during a storm (it’s almost always raining in this movie), there’s rain and water everywhere. And it gets very, very hard to follow the fight. It’s pretty annoying, but enough about that. The rest of the fight scene’s are great!

So I don’t think there’s really much else to say about this movie. It does feel like a lot of potential was missing, but it’s probably being saved for the inevitable sequel. It’s a dumb, fun movie and it’s not half bad at all. If at some point in the future I ever make a ‘Top 10 Guilty Pleasure’ list, this one’s completely on that list.

The Media Fire gives this movie 7/10

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