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DOXA 2016: Spotlight on Borders and Boundaries


Vancouver, BC / Wed., April 13, 2016: Borders are more than arbitrary lines on a map, they’re also a means of controlling and mediating reality. But as the refugee crisis continues to expand, traditional barriers are failing. We are witnessing the largest human migration in history. In the face of this, the places we draw off in our mind – what is right or appropriate — are also being challenged. Our Spotlight on Borders and Boundaries examines the ongoing negotiation between these physical and conceptual divisions.

John Bolton’s epic docudrama Aim For The Roses combines the tragic tale of Canadian daredevil Ken Carter with singing, dancing, automotive carnage to create a film that flaunts limits of physics and good sense. In Migrant Dreams, director Min Sook Lee examines the struggle of migrant agricultural workers against Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) that treats foreign workers as indentured labourers. As thousands of people try to escape war and oppression by fleeing across the Mediterranean, the Italian Island of Lampedusa is the first port of entry in Jakob Brossman’s Lampedusa In Winter. Jay Cheel’s film explores the ultimate boundary, the 4th dimension — time itself in How to Build a Time Machine. After the Chernobyl disaster on April 26,1986, more than 100,000 people were forcibly evacuated and told they could never go home again. But some residents were determined to return in Holly Morris and Anne Bogart’s film The Babushkas of Chernobyl.

An elderly Palestinian couple’s rundown home in the Roshmia Valley, close to the Israeli city of Haifa, is the scene for a slowly unfolding tragedy in Salim Abu Jabal’s Roshmia. Nathalie Loubeyre’s Flow Mechanics speaks to the many ways in which debates over immigration render the experiences of those seeking refuge in Europe (and elsewhere) invisible. Director Juan Mauel Sepúlveda’s journey to make a film with the residents of Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park became an epic all its own in The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park. Once a nomadic people, the Inupiaq were relocated to Kivalina, Alaska, by the US government more than a century ago. Today, the community struggles to maintain itself in the face of forces largely beyond its control in Gina Abatemarco’s Kivalina. The lives of a group of Syrian refugees attempting to flee across the sea from Egypt to Europe are the focus of George Kurian’s The Crossing.

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