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Double Review time! Paper Towns and Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

Ugh. For some reason whenever I actually have the time to sit down and write a review I never do. So here you all go. A 3 week late or so review of Paper Towns and Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation. Spoiler: They’re both good. Other spoiler: Don’t expect my Fan4stic review anytime soon either.

Paper Towns movie review

Paper Towns

Jeez, I was dreading this one. If there was one movie that looked like it was going to be the most pretentious, heavy handed, idiotic teen movie ever, it was Paper Towns. Surprisingly I have to admit that Paper Towns is probably among my more enjoyed movies of 2015! Not kidding! The writing’s entertaining, the acting is really enjoyable, it’s well shot, it’s got a cool soundtrack, and the entire middle section is just a blast! Which is not something anyone usually says ever about movies in general! It has it’s problems though. It’s very clear that a lot of character development has been cut, seeing as how this is an adaptation of a book. If they had kept in some more stuff I probably wouldn’t be as annoyed with some of the characters as I am, (the love interest is practically insufferable, but that’s kinda the point) but hey it’s an adaptation, what are you gonna do. So yea, call this one a welcome surprise!

Media Fire rating: 8/10



Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

I could probably watch MI5 on repeat for the rest of my life and never notice just how well made it is. Everything from the pacing to the shot composition to the action scenes to the editing is so well done, you hardly even notice it. In fact, this is probably the shortest review I’ll ever write in my life. This movie is just smooth! That is really the only word I can use to describe this movie, it’s just smooth! Everything about this movie is just done so expertly! It’s really kinda amazing! My only complaint is that it seems to lack ambition honestly. I’m completely convinced this movie could’ve have given us some of the most amazing things ever put to screen and it’d do it almost perfectly. But then again going this over the top would almost certainly ruin the effect, so I’m more then happy to take this movie as it is. If it weren’t for Mad Max: Fury Road this would easily be the best action movie of the year. This movie’s a blast.

Media Fire rating 8.9/10

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