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Doctor Who season 8 premier review

Doctor Who season 8 premier review

Ok before I start this review just a quick note, I’m not a very big Doctor Who fan so I don’t think I can really critique certain things like returning characters the best. That being said, Doctor Who: Deep Breath was a lot of fun. I went and saw it in theaters and I have to say, money well spent.

Let’s start with what was kind of the main reason I watched this, the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi (sorry if I misspelled that). I have to say, he’s really good. He brings some new stuff to the role of The Doctor that’s very enjoyable.

You can see that this is a Doctor who’s kind of missed a step. He’s not very sure of himself, he’s very distressed that he’s regenerated into someone like this, but he’s still The Doctor, he still feels like The Doctor. His companion Clara is very enjoyable too. I’m not very familiar with Clara, I haven’t seen any other episodes with her, but I think that out of all of the companions I’ve seen in the series I enjoy her the best. She know’s how to hold her own, she’s resourceful, she’s not sure if she likes the person The Doctor has become. I really like her.

The returning characters who appear in this episode (who I don’t know at all) are very enjoyable. They get some of the best laughs, and work very well with Clara and The Doctor. The episodes villains are a bit of a mixed bag. They’re pretty freaky, until you realize they aren’t really doing much. But at the same time you do get an insight into what makes them tick (see what I did there?), and it does give them some depth. The humor here works incredibly well. The beginning will have fans in tears of laughter.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s just because I haven’t seen an episode in a little while, but the special effects have gotten a lot better.

Overall I enjoyed the new Doctor and would love to see him, and this show, grow and develop with this new start. Good job Doctor Who.

The Media Fire rates this TV show a very good time. (I will be rating TV shows on a different system from movies)

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