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New Discovery: Valeria Shkirando

Valeria Shkirando
Photo by Alexandra Smirnova

Nothing is impossible for the rising Russian star, actress Valeria Shkirando. She can easily speak English with a French accent, learn to fire a machine gun, or sacrifice her beautiful long blond hair and let her head be shaved for an interesting role. But despite being ready for any experiments with her appearance for the film, behind the screen, Valeria always looks very elegant, as befits a real lady.

Valeria Shkirando known for her absolutely eccentric role in the music video “Sumka,” for the Leningrad Band; comedy All That Jam, where she co-stared with Chris Owen and Martin Dingle Wall and her brilliant performance in the historical drama Battalion. Battalion, tells the story of a female Russian combat unit that fought in the First World War and was highly appreciated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This movie won four out of nine nominations at the Golden Eagle Awards, 2015.

One of her most recent projects, the neo-noir Russian superhero movie Zaschitniki (Guardians) will be premiered worldwide in February 2017, and we will see Valeria as a head of the secret organization,“Patrot”. According to Valeria, her character Elena Latina can be described as Samuel L Jackson in a skirt.

When talking about how she manages her busy schedule, Valeria said that acting as a profession gives you great opportunity to keep up with a lot of things, including exploring yourself and the world around. She loves life in all its forms and colors; she enjoys singing jazz, spending time with her friends, traveling and cooking.

Valeria Shkirando by Valeria Fedotova
Photo by Valeria Fedotova

Katia Rekho: Valeria, you received your Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theatre, do you plan to work in a theatre at all or you’re seeing yourself more as a film actress?

Valeria Shkirando: I love theatre as an art, but I value my freedom a lot and I’m not ready to dedicate myself to the theatre for a 100%. Well, of course, there is probably nothing more desirable for the actor than receiving a standing ovation after the show. That feels astonishing and you can get such emotions only in a theatre, but as my career choice I prefer to keep growing in film and television field.

Shkirando and Putin
Actress Valeria Shkirando, Presedent of Russia Vladimir Putin, Director Fedor Bondarchuk, Actress Maria Kozhevnikova and Producer Igor Ugolnikov at the special screening of “Battalion” // photo by Aleksey Druzhinin (sourse)

Rekho: Whom do you admire in nowadays world of art?

Shkirando: I mostly admire the people with strong personality, it does not matter what these people do – art or something else. If a person has harmony with self and others, is wise and free from the inside, he/she will catch my attention and interest. For example, Jared Leto. He writes the music, travels around the world, and randomly takes parts in the genius movies. All of it gives an impression that there are no any limitations exist for him, he doesn’t depend on anyone’s opinion and completely free from stereotypes. His unlimited energy and strength defiantly inspire me.

Rekho: What books would you say every person MUST read?

Shkirando: My list is very simple: “Hamlet”, “The Brothers Karamazov”, “Bible.”

Rekho: Can you please name directors who you would agree working with without a second of hesitation?

Shkirando: OMG, that’s a lot (smiles): Martin Scorsese, Michael Haneke, Coen Brothers, David Fincher, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Gaspar Noé… to name few…

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