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I review films for the value and virtue it offers viewers in giving them a mindful and good experience. I started my blog in an attempt to add more in-depth and positive analysis in terms how films can give you both a good time or maybe a lesson you wish to learn.

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Masterminds movie review

Film Review: Masterminds Is Proof Of Zach Galifianakis Star-Power

Masterminds comes out September 30, and the Zach Galifianakis film is a strange comedy to recommend, but a worthy one ...
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Review: The Dressmaker Is Beautifully Tragic

Fashion never looked so good in Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth's newest dramedy The Dressmaker: out September 23, 2016. The ...
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The Intervention movie review

Clea Duvall Makes Her Directorial Debut In The Intervention

We have all made comments and even used a group hangout as a public discussion for a friend's relationship. I ...
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Diandra Reviews War Dogs- A Funny, Frustrating Film

War Dogs reveals how lucrative war can be. One of the reasons people believe governments are "war-mongerers" or conspire to ...
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