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Departure by Adriana Ledesma

We had the opportunity of speaking with Film Director Adriana Ledesma, who shared with us the experience she has had with some of her projects that have been awarded in various festivals, such as “A Choice” and “Karma”, and we learned a little bit more from her film “Departure”, a project that has attended different Film Festivals around the globe.

10 Adriana Ledesma - Bts Departure 3Departure is a story of a woman, wrongfully sentenced to death, who is challenged by her conscience in a battle for self-forgiveness in those lasts moments in jail.

“The challenge with Departure was, to tell an engaging story with just 2 actors in one location.

I‘m really passionate about how the human being functions, especially psychologically, and how it is that we react or express our feelings to certain adversities, so I wanted to test myself and wrote this story that takes place in the same place for almost the entire film.
This plays for the characters, but for the audience as well, as we are “trapped” in a cell for 10 minutes”

Inspired by some events she’s known that have happened in her country, Mexico, regarding injustice, she wanted to reflect what many people come to live day by day, so she decided to mix these aspects to give life to the story of this woman: Morgan.

“I wanted to show how hard an inner struggle can be and how many times we judge without really knowing the story behind everything.”

Adriana told us about one of the most distressing moments while recording this movie. “There was an specific take where I had a dolly movement, a specific blocking with the actors, camera movement that needed to be precise, actors moving objects at the same time, emotions at their best and all this while showing most of the scene reflected in 2 different mirrors. At some point I thought we weren’t going to be able to make it since it was taking a lot of time to hit every single mark at the same time and I could not stop thinking that I had my lead actress suffering and crying, giving me everything, so I started to get worried about her. But at the end, we stopped for a moment, we all took a deep breath, we rehearsed a few more times and with everybody’s commitment, we pull it of.10 Adriana Ledesma - Bts Departure 1

A while back she had the opportunity to speak with Producer and Director Brett Ratner and she shared with us that she always carries with her one piece of advice: Understand the best way to tell a story, study a lot, and always figure out strengths and weaknesses, but most important, always do the best you can, each day. So that’s exactly what she did when finding herself in that position with that particular shot.

10 Adriana Ledesma - Bts Departure 2For Adriana, every single thing that happens on and off set is always a great opportunity to keep learning and make you grow, and to enjoy everything you are doing and everything you are going through is also part of the experience.

She shared with us another particular moment she enjoyed the most in the post-production phase.
“In the other hand, one thing I remember with much affection was all the time spent with my composers. Those many hours of creativity and hard work were fascinating. Music always adds an incredible amount of magic to a project, so I was very happy and excited on how this all turned out.”

Since she wrote and directed Departure, Adriana has learned a lot and has been able to use that knowledge in various different projects.

There’s no doubt that with each new project, her depth of the craft deepens and recommendations keep flying out and more jobs will keep soaring in.

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