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Deadpool Returns From The Dead

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Ryan Reynolds comes full circle guiding Wade Wilson out of depths of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and straight into the limelight of his very own stand alone movie – Deadpool.

Ex-mercenary with a conscience Wade Wilson subjects himself to secret mutant experiments when he discovers he has cancer, hoping to be cured. Instead, the experiments turn him into a super-powered foul-mouthed anti-hero with a habit of breaking the fourth wall, in a movie that returns credibility to the R-rated superhero sub-genre.

Deadpool is the character Ryan Reynolds was meant to play, much like Robert Downey Jr. was meant to play Iron Man and Johnny Depp was meant to play Captain Jack Sparrow. Reynolds effortlessly falls into the role with each wise-crack rolling off his tongue as if this was some kind of messed up sequel to Van Wilder. This is the movie that will no doubt push Reynolds into the A-list bracket of movie stars. What works so well is that you can tell he is having so much fun playing the character and has such a strong connection with the audience from start to finish.

Apart from Reynolds, what makes this story stand out for me is the back and fourth story telling between the past and the present, mixing the origin story with the current timeline. The two are both closely connected, but this tries something different from the regular generic origin story and it works. Skipping back and fourth through time and delivering the origin story in small chunks makes it much more pleasant to digest and enjoy. This allows the movie to begin at a fast pace and never really takes its foot off the throttle, making the 108 minute running time fly by.

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So, where does the R-rating come into it? This movie is definitely not one for younger ones, with a lot of sexual scenes and references, an abundance of violence and gore, and plenty of tasteful language, I was surprised this movie only received a ’15 ‘ rating in the UK. However, this is done in a way that Deadpool prides itself on. The movie knows exactly what it is, as does Deadpool while addressing the audience on the movie turning from a love story into a horror story.

We get some good scenes with the appearance of X-Men characters Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The lack of other X-Men characters is a point discussed by the characters and these two share some of the best scenes with Deadpool.

For me the weak link of the movie was the villain Ajax. Although I don’t believe it is any fault of Ed Skrein, who I believe does a fine performance in the role, I just don’t think the Ajax character is as memorable as someone like Ultron or Loki. Don’t let that put you of this movie though, as that is only a very, very minor issue and in no way stops this movie from being fantastic.

I imagine anyone who is reading this review has already seen the movie, but if you haven’t then you owe yourself to get out of the house and down to the local theater and go see it immediately.

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