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Daredevil Season 2: it’s Daredevil


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Ok, so Daredevil season 2 was better than season 1 in my opinion, and after racking my brains to figure out what it was I finally got it: it’s Daredevil. Although the first season was great, I didn’t feel like it was anything like the comics. In fact, it could have just been any masked vigilante. There were no billy clubs, no red suit, and only some hints of the Hand. Although Wilson Fisk is one of the more iconic Daredevil villains, he is basically just your run-of-the-mill crime boss. After watching the first season, I read a lot of the comics, and was disappointed at all of the awesome elements of the comic books that weren’t in the show.

However, the wait is over, because season 2 felt like a huge homage to the comic book, what with Elektra, the Hand, and the Punisher at the same time. Both Punisher and Elektra were amazing in the fact that they were anti-heroic, and Matt could be fighting them at one point and saving them the next. Also, you get to see more of the Daredevil suit, complete with the billy clubs. This suit is somewhat controversial, because people wanted it to be a monochromatic red, similar to the comics. However, I think the Netflix suit look badass, and fits his style. It also fits the show’s more grounded theme. You are much more likely to se a dude beating the crap out of other people in body armor, not red spandex. And even setting aside the practicality, I just really think the black and red leather with the red eyes and geometrically cut horns looks really cool. The other element is the billy club, which is perhaps the weapon most synonymous with Daredevil. I got chills the first time I saw Daredevil use it to swing off a building.

However, there are some things that either were poorly adapted, such as the Hand and Nobu. Daredevil has already established a specific theme, which is the gritty, street-level anti-hero vigilante. However, it then decides it needs to incorporate ninjas that have magical heartbeat silencing powers and immortality. Done differently, the Hand would have fit perfectly into Daredevils’ theme, but the way the show decided to introduce them was a little to mystical and fit in badly with the rest of the show.

The only other problem I had with Season 2 was Nobu. I felt like he was never a very well done character, which sucks, because he actually had a lot of potential. He is a great fighter, and his fight scenes against Matt would be great if you actually got to know what drove them to fight. As the main villain for the season, (Elektra and the Punisher were anti-heros), I felt like he should have been used as a character, rather than a plot device. I, for one am against the use of excessive backstory, but knowing some of Nobu’s past would have been useful for the show.

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