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Mad Max - Toecutter

Well, I am trying to watch all three Mad Max movies bact to back. The first movie I do enjoy, it has some awesome car chases in it, and toecutter is a fuuny dude, and so is Goose. It is a movie I can only watch once in a while though, I can't put my finger on it, but something is missing from this movie, I think it is mainly because I saw the second movie first, then the third, and saw this some time later.

This movie shows its age, and althoug the effects and explosions are good, I don't think the actual film has aged to well.

The DVD I have of these seems to have loads of bits cut out as well. It must have been a censored version. This is something that always bugs me about Mad Max films, they always have cuts on them, and loads of different versions of the film emerge. At least this copy has the original Austrailian version, and not the awful American dubbed version, what an awful idea that was.

If you haven't seen this movie it is definately worth a watch. It is best to watch the movies in order to appreciate them.