Beyond Thunderdome

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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

I have always enjoyed this film, from the over the top action in thunderdome, to the train chase at the end. THe Max character continues on his journey through the post-apocolyptic wastelands.

However, after watching this back to back with the first two Mad Max movies I was a little disappointed. The movie slows right down in comparison, which made it hard to watch in places. The introduction of done nothing to the movie, although she didnt play a bad part at all. The vehicles were there in their glory and the post apocolyptic scens of Sydney at the end was good to watch.

When the movie starts there is no chase seen or intro, we see Max lose his camels and vehicle, and walk on foot to a place called Barter Town where he makes a deal to fight a powerful warrior called Blaster, one half of a duo that run Underworld, the place that creates Barter Towns power. The fight takes place inside a cage called Thunderdome which is a fight to the death.

After Max refuses to kill Blaster, thus breaking a deal, he must face a wheel of death where fate decides what is going to happen to you. He gets what is known as goolag, whereby he has to where a giant mask and is sent out into the desert on a horse.

He is found by a group of lost children, which are reminiscent to the Lost Boys from Peter Pan, and they nurse him back to health, thinking that he is a man called Captain Walker. Here we find out all of these kids are from a crashed plane, and they think Max is going to fly them to Tomorrow Morrow Land. Once he lets them know the truth the decide they want to leave.

Max has to go after the one's who left, knowing that they will not survive the desert, and once he has found them, they head for Barter Town, as it is their only chance of survival. Here they enter up rescuing the prisoners and Blasters other half, Master, the brains of the duo, and they make a daring escape on a train.

They are closely persued by the residents of Barter Town as they want Master back, as he alone knows how the power of Barter Town works. After an enjoyable chase, the train comes to an abrupt stop when a child is tryin to hold up the train. The chase the child and come across the man from the beginning of the movie, who stole Max's vehicle.

The man has the plane so he helps them escape. Only problem, there is not enough run way to take off, so Max takes out the oncoming traffic by crashing into his attackers, and letting the children and the dude who stole his gear at the beginning, get away.

At the end Tina Turner decides not to kill a wounded Max and walks away.

One thing I did find a little confusing, the bloke who plays the aerolane man in this movie, is the same man who plays the Gyro Captain in the second movie. Is this supposed to be the same character? I don't no.

This movie is worth a watch, and is enjoyable, but doesn't pack the punch of Mad Max 2. George Miller is currently rebooting the series, so hopefully he will go back to the action packed sequences of number 2.